Shadowhunters: The Mortal Cup Episode Review (Series Premiere)

Ages. It feels like I’m been waiting ages for this moment and now that it’s here…I’m not sure how to react.

Shadowhunters is a book adaption from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Girl turns 18, finds out her life has been a lie, her mother gets kidnapped, she gets rescued by way too attractive people who are the protectors of the human world.


Let me start off by saying this show has a lot of cheesy lines and acting. Way too much! I was expecting Katherine McNamara to have her share of awkward acting since she really hasn’t been in the Hollywood scene long, from what I see, but EVERYONE IS CHEESY!

I felt like they were trying too hard to portray this bad ass fighters that it came out unrealistic, in a fantasy world. How can you get that wrong?

  • Bonus points: The action sequences were awesome and I really enjoyed them. Isabella’s actions were just like the books.
  • Jocelyn’s returning to her fighting ways when she was being attacked was done very well. For someone who grew up fighting as a Shadowhunter wouldn’t easily forget and I loved that they kept her as a bad ass.

The only one that wasn’t cheesy and felt…well…perfect was Magnus Bane played Harry Shum Jr. What made it more impressive was that he only had about 2 minutes of screen time, if that. Yet he’s character was dead on from the books.

Okay, let’s talk about the actors as their characters!

Jace, played by Dominic Sherwood, as appearance goes he nails it! What I disliked was that he was trying to hard to be the Jace we loved from the book. Self- centered, conceited, flirt and just Jace. I will say I have hope he will improve in the following episodes, I hope, but he fell flat in this one.

Luke, played by Isaiah Mustafa, made you feel like he was a tough guy and that was a plus. However, what made his time meaningless was when had his dialog with the rogues. I am eager to see his role more.

Clary, Katherine McNamara, was definitely one that made it tough to get through. Her over the top acting and not acting enough when it’s actually needed, made the scenes hard to watch. I want to see her grow in her acting and her bring Clary to life and unfortunately it wasn’t here in this episode.

I was excited and nervous to see the show and with good reason, but I had high hopes! I want to see this show succeed and I want to see my favorite characters be brought to life. The series premiere just didn’t cut it for me. As I was watching I just kept hoping, “please get better.” That’s not something you want when you’re watch a show.

Will I continue watching? Yes, I want to be proven wrong and like I said I want this show to be awesome! To keep it simple I was a Supernatural meets Buffy. What I got was a Disney channel movie and no not a good Disney. Needs major improvements and fast before it falls and it will if they don’t fix it.

Shadowhunters is on FreeForm, formally ABCfamily, every Tuesday at 9pm. You can catch up on the FreeForm app and you can even watch episode 2!




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