Sisters Red Book Review!

You know those cases where you buy a book, ignore for a time, and when you finally pick up to read it you wonder, ‘why did I wait for long to read this?’

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood… Girl walks alone in the woods with no parental supervision, runs into a big bad wolf, because all wolves are bad, once she get’s to her Grandmother’s house that’s in the middle of no where hidden in the woods, wolf attacks and a Huntsman that was conveniently near by rescues the girl. Yeah, that story we have all heard and has been retold for ages.

Jackson Pearce turned that same story into one kick ass Buffy meets little red page turner! Two sisters, bound by the knowledge that evil lurks in the woods.

Scarlett March saved her sister’s life when a wolf, they call them fenris, attacked them and killed their Grandmother when they were younger. When the fenris was going to attack them, Scarlett threw herself infront of her sister and paid the price. She successfully saved her sister’s life that resulted in her losing her eye, scarred face and revenge in her blood.

Rosie March knows the price her older sister had to pay to save them when they were younger. Her sister’s obsession of revenge to end all fenris runs deeper with each kill. Rosie knows the danger fenris cause, but wonders if there’s more than hunting.

What Pearce does beautifully is showcase no one sister’s view, but both. You feel for both sisters in very different ways. You see how much Scarlett struggles with her scarrs and seeking revenge for them and the death of their Grandmother. As it goes on you ask, ‘if that were to happen to me, wouldn’t I do the same?’

In the case of Rosie, locked up in the world of hunting and not having a normal life, you see where her frustration comes from.

Silas Reynolds was raised a woodsman but managed to seek more of life when he’s father fell ill. Silas grew up with the March sisters and when he returns not only do the girl’s life change but so does his. Silas understands the fuel the sends Scarlett to hunt but he sees Rosie following a path that he himself didn’t pull away would have been living. 

The trio, reunited and all, then face a greater danger when they find out about the fenris plans to turn someone new. Sisters Red has kick ass sisters, revenge, self discovery, first love and werewolves, or fenris.

When I say this took me by surprise, it literally shocked me! There wasn’t a moment that was dull or seemed to carry on. It took Little Red Riding Hood’s story and turned it into a kick ass werewolf fighting thriller.


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