The Revenant Movie Review!

I believe Leonard DiCaprio deserved to have a long list of Oscars and I, again, believe this is his year!

Before I start with the bases of the story, I have to give credit to director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu. Learning that he used nothing but natural lighting for this film just makes the movie even more amazing.

Set in the 1800’s, Hugh Glass (Leonard DiCaprio)and his son Hawk, help an expedition of fur-trappers. In this group our Tom Hardy (Flitzgerald), their Captain (Domhnall Gleeson) and Bridger (Will Poulter).

Their camp is then attacked by natives who are in search of their leader’s daughter, who believes one of the hunters took her. The group escape, barely, and head out.

The conflict between Flitzgerald and Glass was one of greed and one of survival, and ultimately shows the true colors of the characters. Flitzgerald doesn’t like the Captain agreeing with Glass’s direction when it comes to traveling and urges them to head on a different route. Glass, the only one who truly knows the woods, tells them of the odds if they follow Flitzgerald.

Glass is then attacked by a bear and…okay this scene is one hell of a scene! It was just a horrific scene to watch but it was just so good in the sense of it coming off realistic. Glass This bear beat the shit out of Leonard’s character!

The crew try to help as much as possible and even carry him through out the trip. Flitzgerald is frustrated and wants to leave him or kill him to “put him out of his misery.” Flitzgerald is then presented with the opportunity to kill Glass and fails but kills Hawk, his son instead.

Glass, still badly injured and immobile, watches his son being murdered in front of him. Bridger is then lied to by Flitzgerald to abandon Glass, and leave him to die.

I was very surprised to see Will Poulter in this film, let alone do extremely well. I’m very impressed as to how this guy is coming about in his career and he’s definitely one to watch.

Glass, still injured,manages with pure determination and seeking for revenge gets going and follows Flitzgerald. The movie does just an incredible job in not just showing you what Glass goes through but the nature of it all and getting it in your face.

The Revenant isn’t a guy seeking revenge for his son’s death but a survival movie with revenge in the mix. You definitely need to know that going in because if you’re looking for a fight scene revenge type movie, you won’t get it. If you go in with the exception of a man surviving the bitches of cold weather, injures that no human can possibly survive, and fighting for justice for his son, then you’re in for a treat.

I will say again, Leonard DiCaprio deserves an Oscar and this movie is another reason! I was left feeling everything the movie was set out to make you feel, as a movie should.


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