Star Wars: Before The Awakening Book Review!

Any human being knows my love for Star Wars runs deep, so when I hear about a book that tells the story before The Force Awakens, you know I had to read it.

What I ultimately found was…not a whole lot. Now, I should have known better than to think that anything would be revealed before episode 8 or 9. A fangirl can dream right?

The book is broken into our new favorite characters, Finn, Rey and Poe.

Finn’s backstory did show how he began to see the First Order as the bad guys, and I enjoyed that. What I was hoping for would be to see how Finn or FN-2187 came into the First Order in the first place.

Rey’s story was like Finn’s as well, with the whole missing pieces part. There was once scene that had me say, “oh that’s fucked up!”

Poe, surprisingly had more detailed backstory than the other two. You know he’s determination and skill in the movie, however the book showed more of his passion.

The book just fueled my already huge tank of anticipation of the upcoming movies and I’m okay with that!



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