Me Before You Book Review!

You know those, some rare, moments when you can’t stop reading but you don’t want to continue? When you do continue and it’s over, you ask how you got there. 

 You know, like when you realize you just finished the entire bottle of ready to drink margarita and the box of tissues are empty but it’s surrounded by used tissues, as well as that bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, that you swore were only to be eaten “once in a while,” now empty beside you. 

Come on, I can’t be the only that this happen to!

Me Before You has actually been on my To-Read List for a while now. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I watched the trailer for the upcoming adaption, starring (Khaleesi, Game Of Thrones) Emilia Clarke and (Finnick, The Hunger Games) Sam Claflin, that I had to start reading it quick.

Oh, and (Clara, Doctor Who) Jenna Coleman and (Neville, Harry Potter) Matthew Lewis will also be in movie. I mean, the movie is calling out to me!

Lousia Clark is the sole provider for her family, her mother, father, her grandfather, and her sister along her her son (her sister’s son).

I know all families are different but HOLY FUCK! There are moment where her were grateful of everything she did for them, but the majority of the time they were selfish and praised her younger sister and put her in the corner. How she kept her composure and sanity was amazing to me.

Lousia loses her job in a cafe she loved and finds her self jumping from job to job. When hope was all but lost, a position for “paid companionship” with great pay became her last chance.

Will Traynor was adventurous and ambitions. Will had money, power, women, he had it all, until it was taken away from him. Will was hit by a motorcycle, innocent pedestrian, turning him into a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down with little use of his hands.

Lou is hired by his mother and asked to be his friend more than his caregiver. Lousia, with absolutely no experience in caring for another human being, tries her best to befriend Will. Will, on the other hand, wants what he isn’t given, to be left alone.

Will wasn’t anything she had expected, you know the handsome thirty year old man, who needed 24-7 care and a sharp tongue. Lou was known to speak before thinking and a bit unique, and they found that Lou now tip toeing around Will was something he liked.

The friendship built between Will and Lousia was very real and honest. She spoke her mind and often told Will off when he was being an ass. Will found her annoying at times but liked that she wasn’t someone to treat him as he looked, fragile.

Will was a very interesting character. Having to live the way he had to and not complain was astonishing! Of course, he hated what his life had become but with more pain days than good days, he didn’t raise his voice.

Even though Lou made it her mission to try to make Will see the positive side of life, Will made Lousia his project as well.

Lousia, focused on her family, and her boyfriend Patrick, who obsessed over fitness and training for marathons and what not. She had very little to no life than that, and Will wanted her to live her life to the fullest.

Lousia took that opportunity and did things she never thought she would do to try to make Will smile and leave his house.

It’s rare for me to read a book that was so realistic, that every picture made in my head made it feel like I was reading someone’s life and not a fictional story. I connected to Lousia, and I loved Will.

I don’t want to give anything away but I have to say at least what I felt at the end. Emotional, yes, but as well as conflicted as the characters. You know a book was powerful when over you start to think about your life.

Me Before You is a book I will not only recommend but one that I will read again in the future.


The movie premieres April 7th, and even though I’m excited to see it now that I’ve read the book, I know I will probably cry more with it brought to life.


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