Tempting The Best Man Book Review!

It’s been 3 years since I’ve read Tempting The Best Man and haven’t forgotten about it. Wanting to read the two other books about the Gamble brothers, I thought it would be best to reread and finally review the first one.

Madison, Maddie, has known the Gamble brother her whole life. Having an older brother was great but with the Gamble brothers she’s felt like they were her brothers too. Although, Chase was always different. Her big brother’s bestfriend Chase Gamble, was always around and Maddie couldn’t help but love him at a young age.

Maddie’s brother is now getting married and she’s the maid of honor. She should be excited about a weekend away and watching her brother marry. However, she’s going to be partnered with a man she’s love for years, Chase.

Chase and his two brother didn’t have a good example in parenting growing up. Being about The Daniels, Maddie’s and Mitch’s family, felt like they had a place to feel normal in.

Chase and Maddie knew there was something there but when it come to act on it, it backfired. Now with no where to escape, Maddie and Chase face each other.

What I love about this book isn’t just the romance and the passion, but the humor. The humor brought a balanced that made sure the book didn’t fall into a corny love story.

Tempting The Best Man is a fast, funny and passionate read! Reading it a second time made me love it even more!


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