Tempting The Bodyguard Book Review!

It’s been a long while since I’ve finished a book in a day in a half!

Tempting the Bodyguard is about the last and oldest brother in the Gamble series, Chandler Gamble. Unlike his brothers and their commiment issues due to their parents and their fucked up lives, Chandler welcomes it.

In the Tempting the Player we went the very crazy Miss Gore, Chad’s publicist. I disliked the woman, like Chad and Bridgett. That being said I was a bit hesitant in reading her part.

Miss Gore, Alana, is very good at her job, just look at Chad’s life now. Trying to help celebrities who have fallen way down and bring them up in society isn’t a walk in the park. Alana, although her methods aren’t always great, focuses on helping people become better. Totally didn’t see me like her and yet with seeing how her job isn’t one that just anyone can do, I saw her in a different light.

Chandler Gamble is the oldest of his two brothers, Chase and Chad, and is not only know for his work as a bodyguard but as a very “sexually activity male” and in other words he likes it rough. He takes his job, bodyguard not the another thing, very seriously. However, he has one important rule…”never work with someone you want to fuck.” Which went out the window when Alana begs for his help.

For a year Alana has been receiving letters from a stalker and even now that’s she’s moved, it’s continued. In her line of work people aren’t as thankful to her but when the letters arriving threating to meet her, she is desperate for help.

Chandler and Alana begin to start a weird relationship, with Chandler telling her that he wants her (Chad and Chandler has a very descripted imagination and aren’t shy to say it) which makes the whole situation, awkward yet hot?

What I found interesting was that out of the brothers Chandler wanted a relationship but never found the right woman. Alana was really the one with the commitement issues, which were also brought on by a parent.

As Alana’s life turns to a very serious 360, Chandler finds a very which way to protect her. I loved having the brothers back and seeing where they’re doing and reacting to Alana’s presents.

The Gamble brother series are awesome! They’re a fast, easy and enjoyable read and one I will probably reread again (I’ve read Tempting The Best Man twice already).




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