By Private Invitation Book Review!

This book was a gift from a friend and I believe she’s trying to tell me something about her fantasy with all these threesomes and foursomes.

Annabelle, Belle as she prefers, is looking for a fun night on New Years to forget for cheating boyfriend. When her and her friend arrive at Haven hotel party she finds herself in a life she tried to escape.

Belle is a successful art collector, erotica art to be exact, but doesn’t have much of a sex life. She’s always looked up to the art she’s collected and wonders what it would be like to be free and a sex goddess.

Haven hotel is owned by two brother, Tyler and Jared. Jared notices Belle immediately and wants to nothing more than to “get to know her more.” Yes he wants to have sex with her. Typical!

Jared and Belle have an instant connection and intense sexual chemistry. Jared then takes Belle to his private and very exclusive salon where selective people can live out their fantasies. What Jared calls the salon, each person’s identity is hidden under a mask and each person is required to sign a contract to keep everything secret.

What each of them don’t know is that they have their own secrets. Belle is living under a false identity because of her family history. Jared too have a family secret, though I think Belle wins that round.

There’s a lot, and I mean a lot of sex in this book! Stephanie Julian does any amazing job in her story telling and the love between Jared and Belle. Their chemistry is undeniable then add another man to the mix and shit gets real very fast.

I really only have two complaints, which isn’t much. The first would be that the ending was a bit rushed. Although I’m still uncomfortable with the whole threesomes and foursomes stories, I did enjoy this book. The romance between Jared and Belle, just them, was great, then add a mysteries family heirloom.

My second complaint would that the book is a Salon Games series, and yet they were only at the salon once and it wasn’t much of a game. Unless they consider sex games? Yeah, I’m still confused even after I’m done.

Overall, By Private Invitations turned out to be a great read, steamy, and enjoyable!


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