The Rosie Project Book Review!

Thank baby Jesus for Audible!

Don Tillman is a genetics professor, and is an Aspie (Asperger Syndrome), although it’s never really confirmed. Asperger has some similarities as Autism. Very logical, has a strict routine and schedule and isn’t comfortable with physical contact and lacks social skills.

You doesn’t have these problems, am I right?

Don is a very intelligent and with only two friends, who are married and both psychologist, he realizes that he doesn’t just want a “partner” but one that fits what’s he’s looking for. In order to eliminate the shitty dates from potential wife, you like Tinder and the whole swap left and right, he comes up with a questionnaire. The Wife Project.

Sounds interesting! That’s exactly my thought when I read the summary. I bought my copy and was ready to get sucked in this romantic comedy…

Yeah… it started out slow and the writing was hard to follow. But I read the reviews, which ever very good and the concept was great. But I just couldn’t get into. I wasn’t ready to give up and found the audio book.

I’m not against audio books, in fact I’ve read/heard one before with Rebecca, which is the reason I managed to read it and love it. I just prefer to read on my own then have someone read it to me. But maybe this book was just way too smart for me that was probably was I could’t get into it.

Anyway, I found the audio book and followed along with my copy and continued the story. Thank God I did and I found it enjoyable! That’s not something I would have said if I read it on my own and definitely wouldn’t have finished it in three days like I did.

Don comes up with a list of questions that woman has to “pass” and become his wife. His approach isn’t too extreme since most dating sites ask questions to determine the right partner. However his are to fine the “perfect woman” which doesn’t exist.

When he has no luck, shocking, his friend/only friend Gene takes over. He sends Rosie. Now, Rosie was nothing Don was expecting since he was expecting someone from the questionnaire.

Rosie “failed” all of his qualities in his potential wife but he found himself in another project. Rosie revealed that she wants to find her biological father and who better to help her than a geneticist. Don accepts and they end up spending a lot of time together to find her biological father. Don begins to change his lifestyle by things we really don’t think much about.


The difference between Don and Rosie was very interesting and I liked how not just Don changing because of Rosie, but Rosie as well. I couldn’t have finished it let alone enjoy it if it weren’t for the audio book.

Close to the ending and the ending as well made me chuckle, gasp, and awed, something I wished the whole book had made me do.



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