Zootopia Movie Review

It never ceases to amaze me how a Disney film can bring out issues in the world and make it enjoyable for kids as well as adults!

Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is bunny that never quits and wants to become the first bunny police officer. I loved how her parents tell her that it’s okay to believe just not too much or act on it. Let’s face we all have that “unrealistic” dream and it might make people uncomfortable when you tell them what you want to do with your life. This movie definitely makes a point in that.

Judy wants to prove everyone wrong and succeed in the town…Zootopia. In this city, every creature lives in harmony, or humane way. The have jobs, as lawyers, shop owners, etc. They are updated in technology and of course walk on two feet and wear clothes.

Anthropomorphic -having human characteristics

Once Judy arrives and ready to make a difference she’s ridiculed and placed as a meter maid. Trying to stay in the positive mind set, she’s set to be the greatest meter maid ever. Judy is then frustrated to the lack of responsibilities!

Determined to prove that she has what it takes, she takes a case of a missing “person” and has 48 hours to find and solve the case or she loses her job.

We meet Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) the Fox. He is a slick con artist and you can’t help but like the guy! Judy “blackmails” Nick into helping her solve the case and together, Fox and Bunny, make a great team.

Nick and Judy are such great characters that reveal two different sides of the some what same situations. You see the path they choose based on those acts and you can relate to either of them.

The movie does an amazing job illustrating how we might see people based on appearances and most importantly how a bully can affect each individual. The humor was amazing and there was a moment where I teared up.

Another fantastic Disney film that not only is it fun to watch but has great messages to kids, teens as well adults.



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