Daredevil Season 2 review (spoiler-free)

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil learns that he isn’t the only vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen. Though his methods are a bit drastic, like he kills bad guys instead of putting them in jail. Very different than how Daredevil does thing, which ultimately he believe needs to be stopped.

Of course I knew The Punisher was going to be introduced in the new season, however didn’t expect him in the first episode.

NOT COMPLAINING!  I loved how they managed to bring The Punisher, who is played by Shane himself, Jon Bernthal, and set the tone of the entire season.

You see these two heroes, granted one is very dangerous, want nothing more than to protect the good people from the bad. You get these two characters and the conflict they have with not just each other but themselves.

Jon Bernthal’s take on The Punisher was AWESOME! Not only did he successfully bring the tough, merciless and skilled character, he also brought vulnerability. His reasoning in the actions he takes makes you see him in a different light. You put yourself in his position and ask “what would you do?”

Along with the introduction of The Punisher we get Elektra (Elodie Yung). I’m all for women empowerment and female heroes, however I was hesitant because I feared they were adding too much.

I was wrong!

The Punisher was brought to illustrate if Daredevil’s way is really the right way. With Elektra it brought his former self and you see history between the two.

The action sequences were amazing in season 1 and they definitely raised the bar in season 2, which I didn’t think was possible.

I loved seeing Daredevil in action and that part of his life but I also love seeing in as Matt Murdock. With more criminals wanting pick up Flisk’s place, and a new organization wanting the world burn, Matt struggles to find how to balance his two worlds.

In last season Foggy found out about his secret and I was excited to see how that would play out. Foggy still not supportive of his nightly routines covers for him when he doesn’t show.

The one that really surprised me was Karen Page. Her determination in finding out the truth, because everyone who she cares for lies to her, is once again in danger. She’s definitely braver and stronger than last season and I couldn’t help but like her more!

Season 2 surpassed the first in great lengths! Every episode had you on the edge and kept you there until the next. Netflix is smart in allowing this show to happen, but all credit goes the the amazing writers, actors, directors because this show is mind blowingly fantastic!


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