Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review (Spoiler- Free)

Okay the movie has been out a few days and based on the high box office numbers, I’m assuming the majority has seen it.

No fear this is a spoiler-free review!



We see that Bruce Wayne (whose played by Ben Affleck, more on his take on the character later) was there in Metropolis when Superman and Zod at the end of Man of Steel and you know destroying the city with it. Bruce is filled with rage when he sees so many people get hurt or get killed because of these two aliens fighting each other. That sparks something in Bruce and he becomes determined to find the alien they call Superman and stop him before more innocent people get hurt.

Okay I’m going to start with the pros first! Ben Affleck at Batman was great! Back when it first announced I was pissed, until I actually paid attention. I read The Dark Knight Returns and looked at Affleck and knew it was a good choice. An older, darker and boulder Batman then what we’re use to seeing and I loved it.

From the trailer alone you see him fight differently and I’m pretty sure he’s killed a few bad guys. Which brings us to the darker Batman I mentioned. Another character I enjoy was Jeremy Irons as Alfred. He had good one liners and good comedy release and Alfred tends to have.

Superman is now treated as a threat and want him to take responsibility for the destruction of his fight with Zod. People are now fearing him and seeing him as an alien who could kill anyone and everyone and they can’t do anything to stop, then the hero of their city. It brings such weight on Superman when all he wants is to protect the city and they want him locked up.

One thing I was surprised was Gal Gadot as Wonder woman. I didn’t hate it! I really though I was going to bitch more on her character but I found her suitable. Is she the perfect Wonder woman? No, but I do see potential which is great outcome instead of hating her all together.

The action in the movie was great and I enjoyed the fight between Batman and Superman, though I found it too short. Which brings us to the things I hated in the movie.

Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg. From the start I knew he wasn’t going to be the right choice and thank you for proving me right. He was this whining dick head that just wanted people to give him everything. You don’t see him as the powerful and menacing Lex Luthor that he is meant to be.

The movie began to feel very scrabbled and too crowded. You have Batman and Superman with their own agendas, as well as Wonder woman and Lex’s. There was an element that I could see where they were heading but fell short. Watching the trailer you already know the premise to Doomsday. We all knew this monster that Lex created was meant for the three heroes to set aside their differences and work together to end Doomsday. Yes that is the ending provided by the trailer.

Batman vs. Superman was a movie that had great things that I enjoyed and really bad things that I wished they could have done differently or just leave out. I’m disappointed that movie I’ve been dying to see has more cons then pros. I was sitting watching the movie and asking myself, “is it over?” That is not something that should be asked. Come it’s Batman vs. Superman!

Have you seen Batman vs. Superman, what did you think? I would love to hear what everyone thought.



6 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review (Spoiler- Free)

  1. matinee movie snob says:

    I agree with a lot of the points you made (check out my review if you’d like), especially regarding the characters that made their debut. Wonder Woman was a pleasant surprise and I loathed Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, but I’m hoping for more character development from him. Your review was an enjoyable read overall! Let me know what you think 🙂

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