Daredevil Season 2 Review (Spoilers)

This is a warning for you all that haven’t started or finished the new season, this review will contain mega spoilers!


When I first watch season 1, I was blown away with the action, drama, humor and just the brilliant take on a once dead Daredevil.We all know which one I’m talking about…Ben Affleck. Enough said.

But after waiting and waiting our prayers were answered with Netflix’s take on the comic book hero. With a successful first season I was wondering how they were going to top it.

Season 2 my friends…surpassed it! 

There’s a new villain in Hell’s Kitchen..sort of. There’s a guy, who at first people believe to be an army, that targets criminals. Yes, a new vigilant that Matt aka Daredevil believes needs to be stopped. 


So who is this person that is acting the part of jury, judge and executioner? That would be The Punisher! Yes, The Punisher is introduced and makes not just Matt rethink some somethings but us as the audience as well. That’s some powerful mojo!

The Punisher whose real name is Frank Castle is played by Shawn himself (The Walking Dead, if you didn’t know my reference which in that case WTF!) Jon Bernthal. I can’t imagine a better person to play a character that is such a badass and yet deliver such vulnerability. Now I knew very little about the Punisher, okay almost nothing. I knew that he targeted people who deserved to be punished, hint the name, and there was a tragedy in his family. So of course I was excited in learning more about him.


More on his story later.

In last season Foggy found out about Matt’s “activities” and went off on him. With good reason, I mean his bestfriend has been lying to him. I was eager to see how Foggy acted now being in the loop and how it effected their friendship. Which plays a big part in this season. Matt still believes in what he does for the city and has said, multiple times, how he just has the need to be the Daredevil. However you see him fail miserably in finding the balance for Matt in the day and Daredevil at night. 

One who isn’t in the loop but steps up her game is Karen. Poor Karen! How she isn’t a drunk and locked up in her apartment and never leave is beyond me. If I were shoot at on multiple occasions, I would be paranoid as fuck to leave my house.  Karen finds herself believing in Frank aka The Punisher when she learns that the media as well as the FBI have lied and hidden a lot of evidence involving his case. Karen takes it upon herself to investigate and even does a B&E (breaking and Entering) to his old house, where she founds out that the Punisher isn’t a psycho killer, well not entirely, but was a loving father and husband. As she digs deeper into the the real Frank Castle, and not just what the media and the officials call the maniac, she begins to see Matt differently. Yes, we get a romance with Karen and Matt! Although it’s something to be happy about, you know the whole, love makes the world go round. For Matt it’s one thing that can be turned for shit! For a lack of a better word.

Matt cares deeply about Karen but he can’t tell her he’s Daredevil and that is one thing that pushes them further and further apart. That and Elektra butts in!

We learn that the Punisher not only lost his family but witnessed it. In an episode he reveals to Daredevil how he held his daughter while she bleed to death. How he feels guilty in denying her a bedtime story because he was tired and that was the last moment they had together. How can you see this man other than a grieving father and wanting justice for what was taken from him in a horrific way? At first you feel like he really is helping out Daredevil clean the streets, only he makes it permanent and when we learn his true motive you say, I agree!

Daredevil begins to understand where the Punisher is coming from when he’s convicted and sent to prison. Oh and it’s in the same prison and cell block as Fisk. Nothing can possibly go wrong. After Fisk uses him to remove the leader of the prison, he tries to get him killed. Even after that, with some convincing, the Punisher escapes only to truly turn into The Punisher, and by that I mean the iconic costume finally arrives.

What I didn’t really like was how they had a great episode or episodes involving the Punisher then he was ignored and focused on Elektra then vise versa. Not saying I didn’t enjoy her backstory and how he fucked up more on Daredevil’s life, but you begin to invest on the Punisher then it’s cut. Same goes with her. 

What I really loved was the contrast of the three characters. You have Daredevil, who believes that anyone can change for the better and justice is putting them behind bars. Then you have the Punisher who has seen people get released from prison and continue their ways and believes that the only way to save people is killing the bad guys before they hurt anyone. Elektra is just dark! She is kill or be killed type of girl. A shocking twist how deadly Elektra truly is and her reveal as The Black Sky, which The Hand, an organization of ninjas, worship. The Black Sky is known to be the deadliest weapon and it’s finally revealed that Stick not only trained her, like Matt, but left her to a normal family so that The Hand couldn’t find her, meaning he knew of her long before. 

Elektra distraught and extremely angry at the secrecy of her life, she helps Daredevil defeat them which causes her death. With her death and shit loads of ninjas, Daredevil is then surprised by the arrival of The Punisher who helps out. Hell’s Kitchen is safe…for now.

Foggy is now working for the same law firm that was in Jessica Jones, which means the true end of Nelson and Murdock. Elektra is dead..or whatever it is when The Hand puts her in this metal grave. Karen is now a reporter and a damn good one.

This is the part I screamed and of course it had to be the ending of the season! Matt calls up Karen to meet at their old film office. Carrying a paper bag and pulls out the Daredevil mask and tells Karen he’s Daredevil!

This season had amazing action, drama, intense scenes, story lines that actually fit with each other, great new characters, and just an overall great season! I can’t get enough and can’t wait for season 3…because THEY HAVE TO RENEW! Daredevil season 2 was just awesome as season 1 and they definitely up their games in all the right places!








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