The Walking Dead Season 6 Season Finale (Spoilers)

Mondays are hard enough but add in The Walking Dead to the mix and we’re fucked until it returns for us to feel normal again.

This is a warning if you have not watched last night’s season 6 finale do not read on because this review contains spoilers, I need to vent, so if you haven’t watched it go watch it, and then back. If you have watched it yes I am suffering with you. If you don’t care something wrong with you but you’re welcome anyway!

OK warnings over let’s go…


Negan has finally arrived but before we get to that it shit hits the fan real quick and leaves us feeling  vulnerable and anxious through the whole episode! I really don’t think it’s healthy for us to be in that high level of anxiety for that long, but the writers said fuck it!

Last episode Carol left and now Morgan has gone after her. Something’s wrong with Maggie and the baby. We still don’t know what happened to Daryl if he’s alive or not, same goes for Glenn and Michonne and Rosita. So there’s a lot of unanswered questions that we need answers to desperately.

Rick immediately takes action and orders that Maggie should be taken to the hilltop where they have a doctor. You know since the Dwight killed Denise. Accompanying Rick is Carl, Eugene, Aaron, Abraham and Sasha, and leaves the rest of the people to protect Alexandria from the saviors who they know will be arriving.

Rick and the group take the RV and head their way only to be stopped in every direction by the damn saviors. Maggie begins to worsen and you see Rick’s fear and hopelessness that they might not make it, not just to save Maggie but as well as themselves. With little gas left and the fact that the savior’s have greater numbers and more weapons, kaprelian Eugene comes up with a plan to divert the savior’s away from them. Eugene will take the RV them thinking the group is inside while the rest of the group take Maggie and head on foot.

Morgan finally finds Carol  huddled in a corner and wounded. Carol begs Morgan to leave her and Morgan tried to tell her that they need to return and that people care of for her. But you see Carol actually just wants to die and Morgan is confused by this because he’s seen her as a survivor and a kick-ass warrior and for her to change to this vulnerable, broken person doesn’t make sense. Carol sort of reveals why she left by stating that in order to protect the people that she loves, you have to kill but if you can’t kill you can’t protect them meaning you’re a danger to them.

Which I still don’t understand! You’ve seen Carol make hard choices before and lecture Morgan about his non killing rule. And now when she kills or is about to kill she breaks down, she’s hyperventilating and crying, which just doesn’t add up. Carol makes her escape leaving Morgan behind and ends getting caught by one of the savior’s who survived the car attacked in the previous episode. Just as the savior is about to pull another shot, I mean this guy has already shot her twice , Morgan shows up with the gun that Rick had given him and begs him to put his weapon down. The Savior refusing him Morgan takes not one not two but multiple shots and takes the guy down ultimately breaking his non killing rule… for Carol!

Just as Morgan tries to help Carol two guys show up, fully geared up with one horse who we did see one guy leaving the barn in the previous episode and wanting to help. Now I have not read the Comics so I don’t know who these guys are but based on their actions with Morgan and Carol I’m guessing they’re good guys and will have a bigger role in next season.

Rick and the group are carrying Maggie in the woods when they’re surrounded by saviors. WHAT THE FUCK!? Completely surrounded in nowhere to run and completely outnumbered as well are forced to kneel just then they bring out the rest which at this point we’re ecstatic that they’re even alive even though it’s a shitty situation. Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita are alive!! We also see Eugene beaten up beside the RV.

Inside the RV is none other than… Negan. Negan begins his lecture to the group about how he doesn’t appreciate them killing his people and then goes on that he ordered his people to kill Rick’s people and the fact that they retaliated was not cool. You listen to his “reasoning” and have to reactions.
1: is this guy for real? Of course Rick’s people were going to retaliate! That’s what happens when you mess with them!
2: this guy might be scarier and more deadly than the Governor or anyone we’ve seen so far… And it’s kind of twisted that he’s pretty awesome as a bad guy.

Negan continues and says that he wants them to work for him therefore he won’t kill them however the fact remains he needs to punish one for their “crimes against his people.” Holding a bat with wires around it that even has a name for it, Lucille, goes around each person and starts;
Eenie meenie miney mo… To choose who he’s going to kill! Twisted and dark shit!!!!

What makes it worse, I know how can I get any worse, is Rick’s facial expression. Rick’s belief that his people can overcome anything and survive anything is ultimately crushed and taken away from him and you see that! This beats every situation he’s been in, there’s no escape plan, there’s is no plan B, there is no help coming. And that is heart wrenching!!


Negan finally choosing someone and faces the camera and beat down on that someone, who we don’t see and we as a viewer that person is dead. I know what you’re thinking, you can probably guess who it might be by the order they’re in. Well you can’t! As painful as it is because I want to know who died I have to give credit to the editing team because they scrambled up every person he tries to pick which makes it impossible for us to try to figure out who it might be.

The only clues I was able to figure out was who didn’t die. Right before Negan beats down the mystery person, he says if anyone tries to move cut out the kid’s other eye, which of course refers to Carl.

Which rules out Carl being dead because why would you cut out a dead kid’s eye.

The second clue is Negan also said that if there was a movement that someone cut off the kids other eye and give it to his father.

Which means Rick’s not the chosen one. Which in another situation that would suck but in this case chosen one would be bad.

But that’s it! We still have Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Aaron, Abraham, Sasha and Eugene with fate unknown!

People were PISSED OFF because of that cliffhanger, which is understandable because yes I too am pissed. However, I’m no stranger to intense cliffhangers like this, and I look at it like a great way to start a new season. Sure it’s torture but the thrill of a new season that will answer burning questions and the excitement of it all, I enjoy. I seriously need help!

But this isn’t about me!

Season 6 was a great season and although the identity of the person Negan killed is revealed in the comics, I don’t want to know. I love the anticipation and the shock of the reveal. So no I will not read them to find out, though it is tempting. An applause to Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is truly frightening Negan, I can’t help but like a villain that is as they claim to be. I do fear for my favorite characters, but a show like this wouldn’t be as great as it is if there weren’t new challenges.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres this October…let the torture begin!



5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 6 Season Finale (Spoilers)

  1. Mariza says:

    This is a nice review. I like your positive take on cliffhangers, I’m usually too pissed off to see any positive side. I’m wondering if you’ve shared this on any movie sites?

    • Geekess says:

      Thanks! Believe me I’m the same way, fortunately I think the walking dead did it to where I feel alright about it. If they didn’t believe I would be feeling depressed like the rest of world.

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