Captain America: Civil War Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

I can’t stress this enough…BEST MARVEL MOVIE YET!

Might be a given but I’ll talk a bit about it. Civil war is ultimately a continuation from Winter Solder than Age of Ultron. Although everyone returns…for the most part (minus Thor and Hulk) the friendship between Captain and Bucky are focused more just as Winter Solder.

We see the group following Crossbones, who was from Winter Solder, and just as he’s about blow himself up and take Cap with him, Scarlet Witch captures him with her magic and takes him up the air. Before he’s clear, he explodes by a building full of civilians.

Of course the government shows up and we see Ross ( William Hurt) from The Incredible Hulk, speak to the Avengers. The scene in the trailer where he’s showing the group of clips from the previous movies is shown and illustrates that although they’re heroes, they also cause too much damage and lives are lost.

Ross tells them they need to sign the Sokovia Accords, which will allow the government to control the Avengers. So basically it’s a sign or retire.


The movie did an incredible job in not just making one person the villain and the other the hero or the right and wrong, but show both sides. I’m watching the movie and I can see where the characters are coming from when they chose what they do. It’s not black and white scenario and I love that!

Tony Stark tells the group that he believes the Avengers need control and structure then running wild. 

Steve then tells him that they’ll be signing away their freedom. What if they sent them somewhere they don’t want to go and there’s somewhere they need to be at but they don’t send them there.

So the group is divided and they choose who they stand by. Now like I said in the beginning this is more a sequel to Winter Solder and that comes with Cap and Bucky, who are in the crossfire.

I won’t spoil anything and will talk more about it in the spoiler review but Bucky is being hunted and Cap intervenes.

Black Panther is introduced, which we knew he was going to be in the movie from the trailer. Okay, I don’t know anything about him but I liked, I mean I really enjoyed him! I wasn’t expecting to see so much of him, let alone a sort of origin story on him. I officially excited for Black Panther movie.

Let’s talk about the GREATEST FIGHT SCENE FILLED WITH AWESOME HEROES! I loved, fuckin LOVED how they created that scene. Everyone had a spotlight, their moment and it worked. There was so much humor in this fight that just seemed to work so brilliantly!

Tom Holland is the greatest spiderman I have ever seen! Yes, I’ve seen Tobey Maguire’s take. Although he played a great nerdy guy, Tom Holland’s take on it was everything I picture when I think of Spiderman. Tom brought the teenage nerdy kid that Tobey didn’t really bring in my book. I’m excited as ever to see where Sony takes this Spiderman and see Tom Holland bring in this character that we’ve never seen before.

Captain America: Civil War is by far the best Marvel movie yet and I can’t express how amazing this film is. I loved every second of it, it’s entertaining, funny, there’s heart felt moments, excitement, there’s everything you expect and more. If you haven’t seen or go see. If you have seen it, go see it again because I will.

Great, great work Marvel!




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