Marvel’s Civil War Comic Book Review

I had bought Civil War comic before I watched the adaption but held off reading it. Once I watched the movie…twice, I went and gave it a read.

In incident happens in Stamford involving New Warriors, a group of young superheroes and the focus of a reality TV show, attempt to fight a group of supervillains in a quest for better ratings. A villain Nitro used his explosive powers that resulted in major destruction and more so deaths.

The nation goes crazy and demands the heroes to face responsibilities. Tony Stark sees the outcome of their “hero lives” and agrees with what the U.S. government.

Superhuman Registration Act,  a legislative bill that requires the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers.

Tony believes that they should be held responsible and under the U.S. government for the sake of the people they claim to protect. While Captain America believes that their hero identity protects those they love from villains who use that against them.

The team is divided! Each hero chose their sides and prepared to fight the very people there were once their allies.

There is a lot, and I mean a lot of heroes in the comic. I guess because this was my first Marvel comic, it felt new and overwhelming with so much in one. Granted I loved the movie and usually the books/comics are always better than the movie. That is definitely true with The Dark Knight Returns which was the inspiration for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I loved Civil War the movie and though that too had many heroes it was a build up long before. With this there were heroes I knew, didn’t, and they were all important but made it hard to follow.

This won’t be my last Marvel comic that I can promise. However, I have learned that I must start small and work my way up to the grand battles. I love idea and how real it feels with the political and emotional complex. Sure it’s all fantasy but it shows how people would react if it were real, and that is amazing to me.


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