Warcraft Movie Review

I’m all for games that are turned into movies, although we haven’t really have a successful one, I was hoping this would be it.


The Orcs homeland is dying Gul’dan unites the orcs into an army and uses magic to open a portal that will lead them to the realm of Azeroth. The magic “fel” that is used to open the portal requires draining of life to open. Durotan, his pregnant mate Draka and his friend Orgrim follow Gul’dan.

Anduin (Travis Fimmel) is the military commander catches Khadgar, a man who was investigating the dead bodies, fallen soldiers, why. Khadgar reveals that the bodies contain traces of fel.

The king of Azeroth sends Anduin and Khadgar to Medivh, the guardian of Trisfal. Medivh (Ben Foster) comes along with the men to investigate the bodies himself. While on route, they’re ambushed by orcs. With the orcs is a prisoner, who is half-orc, and they end up taking her…prisoner once more but this time with humans. Her luck sucks!

The half- orc Garona (Paula Patton) tells the King and his men that the orcs want war and have great numbers.

Durotan realizes the true evil of  Gul’dan and wants to stop. However with this power, Gul’dan is nearly impossible to defeat. Durotan knows he needs the humans help to save his people from Gul’dan and gives a message to Garona to send to the King.

The pros and cons now. The movie is heavy with CGI, and you would know by just watching the trailer. However, it is impressive how the orcs look. I knew going in it would look the way it did, and yet I was hoping it would feel more like Lord of Rings, that managed to not only use CGI, but practical effects, and real landscapes. Sadly it fail to bring that magic but it did look pretty cool.

Durotan’s character was by far the best character! The conflict he has with his own kind and wanting to save everyone and that leads him to fight along side the humans. You root for him and want him to be the one incharge, because he’s the good guy, and that’s what you want in a movie.

The fight scenes were awesome, all things considered that nailed the fight scenes. The contrast between the orcs and the humans were handled great, and feel the difference between a gigantic orc to a human, and you know I would shit bricks if I were up against an orc.

What I didn’t like was the romance in this movie. Shocking I know, but true. It felt out of place, unreal, and just a waste of a scene and could have been replaced by another scene.  The movie was an overload of information. There is just some much of myths, lore that was cramped into a 2 hour movie, which leads into an overwhelming feeling.

Oh and the pacing! It felt like days passed by! There’s scenes were it was dragging way too much, and again this is a 2 hour movie but I think if they sped up some scenes the movie would have worked better.

Overall the movie had great parts and I enjoyed it, while others fell through and the pacing was way to slow for my taste and the romance was unnecessary and should have been cut from the movie all together.

Now I know it didn’t do quite as well as they had hoped in the box office and not sure if they will do a sequel, I won’t spoil it, but the way it ended is a way into a sequel. Time will tell.


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