Hush,Hush (Book 1) Book Review

TWO DAYS! I FINISHED THIS IN TWO DAYS!! You know how long it’s been since I’ve finished a book in two days because I couldn’t stop reading? My reading slump strike has ended!!

Going into a series is always tricking business…at least for me anyway. Having to wait for the next book to come out is hell, best description I could give. Hush, Hush has been in my shelf for a few months now, not read, and thought, why not give it a read. The great thing about it was that the full series is now complete, which meant I didn’t have to wait to read the rest.Plus+.

What did concern me was the worry that it was going to be another Twilight. Keep in mind the Twilight series was what sparked my interest in reading. However, HOWEVER I can’t reread them again, or even watch the movies for that matter. I love my YA books, given I’m too old for them, there are some I just can’t read. I was worried Hush, Hush was going to be one I would regret buying.


Nora Grey is partnered with Patch for a Biology class, and it was more like a forced assignment. Patch is one hell of a character. As it started it felt similar to Twilight until he spoke! Patch is a quiet, brooding student that arrived the year prior. When they mete, Patch is relentless when making Nora feel uncomfortable with flirtatious, and sexual innuendos.

I loved that! He didn’t play the romantic/ bad boy character a lot of books have. He’s honest, flirty, creepy and scary, and all that mixed well together. It wasn’t turned to one minute you’re the knight and shinning armor romantic and the next he’s the sexy bad boy who can’t be tamed bullshit. Patch is the character that no matter the situation he’s the same as he was when him and Nora first met and that grabbed me in his character.

Patch is definitely bone-able.

Nora’s biggest concern was to try to get out of the partnership when things begin to happen. Nora believes someone is watching and stalking her. The feelings became one thing until someone ransack her bedroom. To name one. Once the police arrived to the scene her bedroom was perfectly neat. Nora started to feel like she was losing her mind. The thing I really liked about Nora was that she didn’t exactly play the damsel in distress. She felt like Patch was dangerous and she kept away from him, or tried anyway. But what she did was what WE ALL DO, she searched his name!

Know your enemies bitches! Pretty smart thing to do considering her ultimatum. Scary and dangerous things are happening, life threatening, to her that she can’t prove and not make her look insane. Nora knows Patch is hiding something and dangerous to be around however her gut tells her he isn’t behind the things happening to her.

I  really enjoyed the biblical twist in the story and found the I tend to lean more towards Angels and Demons then vampires and werewolves. Although, there are still books in that genre I like, I’ve just noticed that when I read a book that has to do with Angels I tend to like it.

It was a quick, easy and highly enjoyable book and I can not wait to read the rest. What the ending did was one I wan’t expecting. I have no idea what book 2 has is stores because of the way in ended.Meaning I don’t see how there could be a book 2, let alone 3 and 4. I’m curious and anticipating to find out.


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