Crescendo (Book 2) Book Review

In the movie world it’s rare that the sequel surpasses the first, and in the literature world most time than none the sequel does just that. Sometimes.

From the start it was revealed exactly the direction and the focus it was going to be, and I was intrigued. How the first book ended I wondered where the second book would lead and even thought maybe a sequel wasn’t really necessary.

Now, trying to not spoil anything but I will bring some points that are obvious from, the summary and book cover. Patch’s past is still very much hidden and that made me curious to know more, considering he is a fallen angel. What I didn’t expect was more into Nora’s life.

Granted you suspected something from the first one, however this book unveiled something I didn’t see coming.

Patch and Nora were happily together when Patch suddenly pulls away. Not only that but begins to spend a lot of time with Nora’s arch nemesis Marcie.

Side note: Marcie is the female version of Draco Malfoy! This bitch is ruthless and it’s differently been a while since I’ve hated a character. However, she wasn’t the only one I disliked. More on that later.

As things begin to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of shitville for Nora and Patch’s relationship, I knew Patch was up to something. Although, I really liked Patch’s whole “Angelic James Bond” secretive mission attitude, it was beginning to feel more like a dougebag persona.

Nora Grey was a character I was highly enjoying and rooting for until she began to turn into Bella from Twilight, New Moon to be exact! I realize this is a teen book and the characters are teenagers and stupid. I totally get it…HOWEVER, I longed for a character, young adult, to act with maturity and strength. To name one of my favorites, Hermione Granger. Nora began to act on her heart break instead of realizing that the danger she was in went farther than just Patch. I wanted her to play it smart and if she wanted to really hurt him as she claimed she did, to play it with cunning and articulating attitude that he wouldn’t have expected. Granted, it went back to her only being 16 and like all teens, stupid and irrational.

As it went on and her life, again was threaten, a family friend comes into town and shit begins to unravel. Scott is your typical wannabe tough guy, the type I had too many in high school, that Nora could see was bullshit. She was finally ready for redemption after acting like a child! Scott, like everyone in her life, was hiding something and ultimately held a clue to what really happened to her father. Coming to turns with it, Nora realizes that the death of her father wasn’t as black and white as it was claim to be. Nora began to act like I wanted her too and I felt proud!

Fictional character cheer!!

She had a mission to get as much information on her father and learning some pretty shocking results. That however only left more unanswered questions. Patch was still M.I.A and with Marcie, Scott was definitely temperamental and dangerous, someone was after her and wanted her dead and she might have seen her dead father walking around.

Side note #2 : Vee got on my damn nerves!! Marcie was worse with her bulling and very fuck up things to say but Vee was self-centered! I believe a best friend is far more than just a dependable taxi. It seemed that Vee just wasn’t a supporting friend. Of course when she did it it just felt off. Nora needed to snap out of her funk, sure, but Vee just added more fluid to the flame with her “let’s find another guy for you” or “Patch is dangerous and murderous.” Did she do things that helped Nora? Yes, but again it didn’t feel like it was done out off the goodness of her heart.

The book began to feel dragged on until close to the end when all hell broke lose. The pieces started to come together and the reveal was shocking. Nora started to act like I was hoping she would and my liking spark of the character was beginning to light into a flame. The cliffhanger was great because it made me want to start the third book. The linage of the story is a bit confusing and I hope the next one explains a bit more and answers some huge questions that book 1 and book 2 hadn’t answered.

Overall, book 2 wasn’t as good as Hush, Hush but had enjoyable parts, although it seemed like the bad ones overpowered the good, felt dragged on, some of the supporting characters are on very thin ice and heading into my hate character list, and the cliffhanger was done pretty well.


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