Silence ( Book 3) Book Review

The book starts off where Crescendo (book 2) left off 

Nora and Patch have been captured by a very surprising and powerful person… The Black Hand himself. Patch is forced to make a very difficult decision in order to protect Nora. Travel forward, Nora wakes up at a cemetery at night with no memory of how she got there.

She then learns that she has been missing for three months. What’s more confusing to her is that she can’t recall the last five months. No knowledge of Fallen Angels. No nephilims.

No Patch.

Nora is determined to find out what really happen to her and begins to start asking questions when she realizes the people closest to her are hiding something. While her mission is to find out who kidnapped her, erased her memory, why and how, her mother reveals she’s dating. Dating her archenemies father.

Bits in pieces begins to come back to Nora when her life is threaten…again…again. Someone rescues Nora and she’s certain that this Jev knows more than what he’s letting on. When Jev is around Nora she sees someone from her past, one she wants to see again. Granted this is the third book and I was expecting something to really capture me or a least grab me so I continue, some parts did, while others fell short.

The book started out great, then drag on in the middle and end in a good note. I like how the book is leading to something and not just continuation of the same thing in each book. I can finally see where it’s leading and I worry it’s going to be anticlimactic.

Overall the book is enjoyable and it’s doing a great job in making me want to continue the series. 


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