Finding Dory Movie Review

It amazes me that it’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo! 


Dory begins to have flashbacks of her youth and her parents. Dory freaks that she can remember something from so long ago, considering her short-term memory loss. The movie is set a year after Nemo and we are back with Marlin and Nemo.

Dory begs Marlin to help her find her parents and we have our movie. When Finding Dory was announced there was excitement with fear. How can they make this movie as good as the first and they did it perfectly!

First, I was aweing A LOT! The cutest little Dory fish EVER! We get scenes of Dory with her parents and we see how they treated her because of her short- term memory and it was a very heartfelt scenes. I’m not going to lie I cried about three times in this movie.

With it being a sequel we get to see new characters and they were great! The humor is well placed and the new characters were likable! Especially Hank who is voiced by Ed O’Neil was such a surprising character in not just in movie but with the interaction with Dory.

Pixar is known for sad/powerful scenes in their movies and this one is no expectation. The beginning and the middle punched me just like I was expecting from a Pixar and with that comes the life lessons. Finding Dory deals with someone having special qualities that when you are around people who don’t have the same ones as you, you feel outcasted.

I love how Marlin and Hank become frustrating with her memory loss because that’s how people who react in the real world and Nemo, her parents, and her old friends find her intriguing.

Finding Nemo hit the mark with a father and the will to do anything for their child and Finding Dory was the opposite. A child has that link that connections them to their parents like a parent has to their child. Dory’s determination to finding her home was so beautiful and it’s something only Pixar can really show.

Ellen DeGeneres as Dory was just as amazing as when we first watched her in the first film and you end up loving her even more. More life lessons from Pixar that we can add to our list ( I know I have one) the humor is great, the new characters were amazing and the whole movie was just fantastic.

Finding Dory is a must watch and buying!

There is an extra scene after the credits and I was clapping with joy! 


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