Finale (Hush,Hush #4) Book Review

Even though you guess an outcome, I DID NOT SEE ONE OF THEM COMING!

Finale is the finale installment of the Hush,Hush series, hence the name. Nora Grey has to deal some very serious things because of the events of the last book. So much is at stake and I was intrigued to see how it would change Nora and the course of actions she was willing to do.

I am disappointed she didn’t act as much as I wanted, however, the ending was satisfying. But I can’t say it was amazing just because the ending was good and ignore the 90% of the rest.

I was extremely surprised to like Scott and dislike Vee towards the end (there’s always room for improvement).

Patch and Nora’s relationship has a lot of ups and downs…typical! Patch is still in my heart! The hot piece of Angel ass!

Again trying not to spoil anything!

Nephilium and Fallen Angels have prepared to fight the war and that leaves Nora in the crossfire. With her new knowledge of her heritage and her love for a fallen angel, Nora has to fight for peace.

I enjoyed the separation of the two races and wanted to see how it played out. The direction it took on Nora to fall rock bottom was one I agreed with and could see it really happening. It was believable!

I do wish there were more war tactics or strategy missions then the teenage angst angle again. Yes, I know, it’s a YA book but it didn’t have to focus so much on that.

There were again really good parts while others fell too dragged on or out of place. I really enjoyed this series, more than I thought I was going to. Of course I disliked some parts but it don’t take away that it’s a good story.


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