The Girl on The Train Book Review

Crazy, ALL THEM! Every last one of them is crazy! 

This book has changed my views on drinking, trains, therapist and how PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!

Notice the theme…CRAZY!

I had heard about an adaption and learned Emily Blunt would star in it. Later, I watched the trailer and it sparked my interest in picking up the book. I’m not very familiar with suspenseful and mystery books, even though the books I read have them in it their not the main theme. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie were the only books that I had read that had me ask “whose the psycho” through out the entire book.

Rachel takes the same train everyday and on her commute she watches a couple out the window. She names them Jess and Jason and makes up a story for them. Rachel sees them as a loving and happy couple. With her failed marriage she sees Jess as someone who has everything that was once her.

What makes it even more tragic is that the lovely, happy couple she watches and envies are just a few house away from her old house where she once lived with her husband. Now, her ex-husband shares that house with his new wife and new baby girl.

Rachel’s coping mechanism is heavy drinking. Rachel knows she’s an alcoholic but with her life being…her life she’s can’t seem to see an alternative. She’s fired from her job, her room mate can’t stand her drinking, her ex-husband is happily married and his wife has everything she had and more. Suddenly things hit the fan!

The happy loving couple she watches everyday from the train isn’t as perfect as she thought. From the train she sees Jess kissing a man who isn’t her husband. What makes it hit the fan, you ask, well she goes missing the next day.

Rachel is filled with purpose. She knows something that the police and Jess’s husband doesn’t know. What she didn’t realize was that she was going to be dragged into a more of a hell than before. Rachel’s credibility is shot because of her drinking problem and to add it to it she blacks out from it and can’t remember the events from the night before. They see her as someone who believes saw something and that’s that.

The book began a bit slow then picked up and had be hooked. Every turned made you believe one thing and then it does a 360 and you start from the beginning. I ended up with, “all them did it!” You feel sympathy for Rachel, then frustrated, then confused and it repeats. You want to know who did it, why and how, more and more in each chapter. At the end, it shocked me and usually I can figure out who did before than. The Girl On The Train is a great mystery book filled with so much suspense you can’t stop until you have answers.




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