Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book Review (NO SPOILERS)

It amazes me how much my love for Harry Potter, even for my age, has changed the way I see literature. What boggles me further is that even after all this time I could love it even more. 


I’ve never seen a play before, let alone read one. Although it’s written as a play, and to be frank I thought I wouldn’t understand or get lost in what they were trying to say. It wasn’t the case! Written to make you see the stage as you read the words was the same as reading my books. When I read I picture the world form, like a movie if you will. I was extremely impressed and relieved that this was no different.

19 years has passed and although our favorite characters return, this doesn’t really revolve around them but their children. Albus Potter, son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, feels the weight of the Potter name. What fascinated me was that although he’s different, different in how he views his father, he is definitely is a Potter. The world that Harry Potter brings is far more in depth than anything I’ve ever read.

Harry learning how to be a parent and the struggle of finding the balance of father and friend, is something all parents deal with. This is a guy that saved the world at such a young age and to add he never had a childhood, then learning about his parents horrific deaths. After succeeding in defeating Voldmort, you would think he would be a happy guy with a happy life. Over worked, struggling to be a good father and husband, but the grief hasn’t lessened after all this time.

I never pictured Harry to forget what happened let alone forget the people who lost their lives so that he could succeed in making the world better. Albus feels what we have all felt as some point in our lives. How can we any good as our parents? The black sheep of the family, Albus’s feels becomes a mission for his to prove he isn’t just Harry Potter’s son. Obsession really.

A character I thought I wouldn’t like or really enjoy, ended up being my favorite! Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco Malfoy. This child is so charming, sweet, intelligent, funny, and I love him!

Heading to the first year at Hogwarts, Scorpius, a loner because he too has to struggle because of his name, meets Albus and really hit it off and become friends instantly. A friendship like Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s is known to everyone and one that not everyone has. Albus and Scorpius’s friendship reminded me of the original trio. Harry becomes fearful when his scar, the infamous scar, begins to hurt. What wouldn’t really be a concerning thing if it weren’t for the fact that his scar hadn’t hurt since he defeated Voldmort.

A darkness, a darkness that no one knows about lurks and is ready to cause serious outcome. You get two different journeys, one with Harry and trying to figure what is coming and how to deal with it. The other is Albus and what he and Scorpius believe will help them live their lives a little easier.

The relationship between Albus and Harry, as well as Scorpius and Draco, play a major role in this story. With books about friendships, bravery, love, loss, I was glad to have more of the family aspect. Harry Potter showed that you don’t need to blood to be family and as I enjoy that I wanted to see how Harry would be with family, one he never truly had. Draco Malfoy, yes ass hole, was forced into making the Malfoy name a hated name because of his family. I view Draco as someone who like Harry’s childhood, it was taken from him by his parents. To see Draco love was a moment I felt my heart melt.

For Draco to become a father that his father never really tried to be for him, is a beautiful thing. It shows in Scorpius character the impact Draco has had on him.

Trying to give anything away is difficult, especially one that is loved so much by so many people. I loved Harry Potter for years and for it grow and care about new characters, shows me the magic storytelling has.

I heard in an interview with Paul Thornley who plays Ron Weasley in the play, that Harry Potter is a book that sparks something in people, that don’t like to read,making them want to get into reading. This play, one people watch have never seen a play and that will spark something in them that will lead them to liking theater. I couldn’t agree more! I have never seen a play, professionally, and I can’t wait to see this and saw it was my first. To have my first play and it be about the world of Harry Potter, makes it all the more magical.

Harry Potter continues to instill so many lessons that even as a 25 year old go back to so that I can see the world differently and try to understand it. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was fantastic, beautiful, entertaining, shocking, heart warming and reminded me why I love reading.

Proved that magic does exist!





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