The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden Book Review


I understand why you would end a book on a heavy cliffhanger known as the pivotal peak of depression. 

HOW-FUCKIN-EVER I doesn’t make it manageable.

Side note:Never judge a book by it’s cover. A Common and known rule. This book is a perfect example. I felt like this book was calling out to me to read, since every time I went to the bookstore it would be the first book on the self where I would search. Another rule to know is that even the summary can be misleading.


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From the start you can see that Callie is a bit anti-social and has to push through her anxiety to walk into a party to retrieve her brother, her mother’s orders, and she sees a horrific scene.

As the party continues Kayden is beaten to dear death by the hands of his father. Callie seeing this intervenes. Callie and Kayden have known each other since they were kids only to really speak and see each other in an unfortunate situation.

Callie wants nothing more than to leave to college away from her nightmares and start new.  A few months pass and Callie is a college student trying to regain her life. With the help of her only friend Seth, Callie begins to feel whole. Holding onto a heavy secret caused her to become what her classmates called “freak.” Wearing baggy clothes, heavy black eyeliner, and even chopped her hair off. What no one saw, or refused to acknowledge was that she was hurting, badly.

Callie has only revealed her dark secret to Seth, in return had one of his own. Together they managed to survive and try to heal. Suddenly Callie is accidentally bumped into Kayden. Callie not appearing as she did in high school is unrecognizable to him. When he learns that the girl who saved his life is now in the same school, he takes it upon himself to really thank her.

I was expecting your typical boy meets girls, high school or college drama, love story. What I got was much more intense and serious. Callie and Kayden both have very serious secrets that affect them each and every day. They’re childhood was taken from them and left them to figure out how to deal with it. Callie having the difficultly of being around other boys, besides Seth, then having Kayden not only having issues himself but feeling like she can trust again. With Kayden’s situation is one that unfortunately happens all the time, as well as Callie’s ordeal.

At first Kayden feels that he will forever be in debt to Callie, only when he begins to want to be around her because he feels complete and wanted by her. Each of them have their problems but it was great to read how when one wall came down from one end the other followed.

The subject of abuse, physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, is a complicated and uncomfortable when talking about it let alone reading about it. This is a subject that should be addressed. The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden isn’t your typical lovely dovey story but one that unfortunately happens too often. The abuse and the neglect, and the life that the victims have to live with because no one would listen, the fear of rejection, or the fact that even knowing about it and did nothing.

This book took me by utter surprise and I’m glad it did. I want to know more about Callie and Kayden and what happens next.

If you or anyone needs help please contact National Sexual Assault Hotline 1800-656-4673 or chat online. They’re there to help!  



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