The Redemption of Callie & Kayden Book Review

“Happiness can found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Harry Potter/Albus Dumblebore/J.K. Rowling

The quote above is a quote I try to remember as much as possible, and it is one of my favorite quotes, and COINCIDENTALLY it fits to this book. The second I finished The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden I knew I had to find out how it would end. 

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I found this one a bit harder to read than the first, but it wasn’t because I wasn’t enjoying it. The truth is that it was far more in depth and the realness of it was very intense, where at times I began to shake. Not trying to be melodramatic but I’m giving you the effects it had on me while reading. I will try not give too much away but I will have to bring up some parts that are important to address than it be consider a spoiler.

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden continues the journey from Coincidence, only now they’re facing the reality of it all for the first time. Callie and Kayden have grown so much as individuals and together because of their dark pasts. Kayden is facing serious charges not to mention that the encounter with his father nearly left him half dead. The secrets he has kept locked away is now in the open. Callie understands Kayden more than anyone could, which frightens both of them.

Kayden sees no end to the pain but sees that as his burden and shouldn’t be Callie’s. Trying to distance himself from her only makes Callie more determined. Together with the help of Seth and Luke, they escape reality for a bit. Kayden and Callie’s struggle was very hard to read because of the intensity and the reality that was what caused to them has controlled them for so long.

With Callie’s case, the fear of not only speaking up but people not believing her. People see what they want to see, is referred more than once in these books and couldn’t ring more true. Sadly, harms too many innocent lives. Kayden has been beaten for most of his life by the man who was meant to love and protect him, his father. His mother abused him as well by not helping him and treated him as if he were the problem.

The scars Callie and Kayden carry are deeply carved inside their soul and find comfort when they’re around each. The strength it takes to confront your demons isn’t an easy task. Reading the journey of these two amazing characters was a reminder that even though these are fictional characters, people like them are struggling and screaming for help.

We live in a world filled with darkness but we must remember that there is light too. We wait to have someone turn the light on, but what if we must turn it on ourselves? What if someone is in dire need of you turning on that very light? Callie and Kayden’s struggle was hard to read because it was too real. Unfortunately, that is what causes people to become so arrogant and oblivious to the reality of it all.

I was consumed with their story and one that I can say with gratitude that will stay with me. Isn’t a love story exactly, but what the power of it can bring. That abuse of any kind are scars that run deeper than skin deep but can not control you. The strength of speaking out makes you the hero you truly are and gives you justice for what was done to you.

Books are meant to not just past the time, but take you to a world filled with possibilities and magic. Books are meant to inspire and some, it turned on the light when they were in darkness.

If you or anyone needs help please contact National Sexual Assault Hotline 1800-656-4673 or chat online. They’re there to help! 







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