The Destiny of Violet & Luke Book Review

I was surprised that Luke’s secret was revealed during Coincidence and Redemption, granted the book wasn’t about him but even Seth revealed his. So when I came across The Destiny of Violet and Luke I found myself wanting to read about his life. What drew me in even more was that Violet just so happens to be Callie’s room mate.

I love that each character is connected one way or the other.

Image result for the destiny of violet and luke

Luke, like his best friend Kayden, grew up in a horrible home environment. A mother who is a drug addict and one for forced her child to not only watch but help her get fix. Luke’s life become more tragic than it already was when his older sister committed suicide. Abandon by his father, the loss of his sister, and control of his mother formed him into a control freak and alcoholism.

Violet life was turned up side down when her parents were brutally murdered when she was 6 years old. To add more she was the one that found them. Living from foster home to foster home, Violet learned that she was on her own and being connected to someone was pointless when they would end up leaving her.

Luke’s and Violet’s way of dealing with their painful past caused them to meet. A way to forget Luke turns alcohol and a lot of it. His need for control goes deep because of how his mother controlled him for so long.

Violet is an adrenaline junkie. Locking up her feelings and the truth about her past, Violet seeks danger for calmness. Her former foster parent uses her as a dealer and she accepts because of the thrill. Although she know it’s wrong, she can’t help but see that her former foster parents is her only “family” left.

Violet’s finds herself in dangerous ordeal and her only escape is to jump out of a window and lands on Luke. Luke finds himself drawn to her and starts to help her, which frustrated him because he needs control. Violet pushes him away because no one has ever really helped her before and Luke’s kind heart isn’t something she’s use to.

Although I was hooked and drawn more towards Callie and Kayden, still do, I did find it interesting to learn more about Luke. I was shocked and extremely happy when I find out that there was another book on Callie and Kayden. You know I’m reading that one. I will finish Luke’s and Violet’s story but I am disappointed it didn’t grab me as much as Callie and Kayden did.

I will say that I like Luke more, I still love Seth, and now I love Greyson, who is Seth’s boyfriend. When you finish a book liking more character than before in a series, that is considered a win in my book!



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