The Probability of Violet & Luke Book Review

Even though the first book of Violet and Luke didn’t grab me as much as Callie and Kayden’s did, I wanted to know how their story would end. This one more book after this one, I needed this book to really hook me in. 

I’m glad that my second chance wasn’t wasted.

Image result for the probability of violet and luke

Just when they thought they could be happy, their world comes crashing down. I won’t reveal anything but what causes them to drift apart is a HUGE SPOILER! Violet seeks comfort in danger and finds herself in a place worse than before. Her parent’s unsolved murder case is now open and having to deal with the questions and stares becomes even more unbearable when she begins to receive text messages from an unknown number, claiming to know who committed the crime.

Luke fails deeper into drinking, which says a lot because he was already a heavy drinker. Gambling more to forget Violet, missing her and the reason why she left.

As destiny would have it, Luke and Violet cross paths when Luke is gambling with some very dangerous men. Violet having to deal drugs again because of her former foster parent Preston, she finds her fix for her adrenaline addiction.

Luke is caught cheating and Violet helps him escape the ordeal before he’s beaten to death or just killed. Now Luke must pay a huge amount of money, that he doesn’t have, or face them and most likely be killed.

Luke remembers his uncle is lives in Vegas, who just so happens to be a gambler, and decides to take a chance. Violet’s situation has turned even worse than before. She had to deal drugs to frat boys and pay Preston, only now he seeks other payment. Feeling like she’s lost in the world, with no family or anyone who cares for her, she is forced to do things that make her wish her life would end.

When she is reunited with Luke, under unfortunate situation, she realizes that she’s safer than ever before with Luke. Luke not wanting her back with Preston agrees to let her tag along. Together they head to Las Vegas and try to win the money.

This book was fast paced and I enjoyed it a lot more than the first. Although, my love for Callie and Kayden is still on the top self, this one was a definite improvement from the one from. The characters face some serious dilemmas, one I don’t think anyone would handle at all. I found it interesting how these two character who just met months before have a connection that is so tragic but makes them understand each other.

I’m excited to see how their story ends and that was something I didn’t think I’d say when I finished The Destiny of Violet & Luke. Goes to show that sometimes sequels can surpass the first.


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