The Certainty of Violet & Luke Book Review

You know the author did their job when a character frustrates the shit out of you or makes your heart melt when they declare their love in an unrealistic way. 

This part has nothing to do with review but had to point it out there… I AM ON CLOUD NINE! FINISHED THIS BOOK IN A DAY, 10 HOURS TO BE EXACT! Not that I haven’t done that before, which I have, but not in a while and it feel fucking fantastic. The accomplishment I feel right now is like a major high, wouldn’t know what it feels like to be high, but if this is somewhat the feeling they get then I understand why they do it. TO A CERTAIN EXTENT!

Okay, rant over…

Image result for the certainty of violet and luke

Luke and Violet continue to struggle with their problems, now more than before with Violet having a stalker, her parent’s murder case open and her adrenaline addiction, and Luke with his gambling and alcohol addiction.

Luke realizes his wrongs and sobers up for the sake of Violet and his own, but it’s difficult with this mother, the one who destroyed his childhood and continues to haunt him, and his father who abandon him years ago now trying to come back to it.

The book started off a bit rocking but soon picked up, like I said finished this bad boy in 10 hours. The struggles Violet was dealing with proved how frustrating Luke felt while reading. I was about to seconds away from yelling cuss words at my tablet when I realized this are fictional characters. It happens.

This being the third about their story I would it sweet and heart warming how much Luke has changed. This obsession with control because of his mother having complete control of him was a interesting concept and one I see happening in real life. I was definitely drawn more towards Luke because of his involvement in Callie and Kayden’s story but soon realized he was just a great character to read on it’s own.

Violet is a bit trickier. Her motto and her way of thinking about life was tough to read because as a reader you know how much the people care about her. This book started to frustrate me because Violet was so closed off. It wasn’t until this book that it dawn on me how serious and tragic her life was made. The lose of a parent in any case can take a person years to recover, if that. The lose of two parents in the same night in the hands of a murder, and watching it as a child, you begin to realize her fear of caring for someone and the next day they’re taken away.

It was a revelation that hit it me late, again considering this is the third book, but I’m glad I finally saw her as she was. The stuff she had to deal with and continues to, most people would crumble. Violet was interesting and frustrating character that shocked me in the end.

I wasn’t going to read this books. I was just going to continue reading Callie and Kayden journey. However, Luke made an impression in their books that I wanted to read about him. After I read the first one, I was still reliant to continue. When I did, it proved that my second chance wasn’t put to waste. The third was finally because I wanted to know how these character’s story would end.

Luke and Violet’s story is one I recommend just as I recommend Callie and Kayden’s.


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