The Resolution of Callie & Kayden Book Review


I wanted to take my time in reading this book, considering I read Violet’s and Luke’s story so quickly to read this one, because I wasn’t ready to say good-bye. 

Back to the statement in the beginning, I just couldn’t stop reading.

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Callie has come a long way although she will never truly forget what was done to her, she’s in a place where she can move forward in her life. This is more towards Kayden’s struggle. For years he was beaten by the hands of his father and was ignored and verbally abused by his mother. Trying to move forwards just as Callie has doesn’t seem possible because of his parents who are living their lives while he struggles to live his.

Callie wants love and peace, without fear and more she wants that for Kayden. I loved her even more in this book for her strength and compassion. You believe and feel the love and strength they bring out in each other when they’re together.

Kayden believes he’s broken, with his skin scarred from his father and himself, believes he isn’t worthy of Callie, the fear of becoming not only the boy he use to be but becoming his father. Never having a family, a true family, was something he was use to until he reunites with his brother. I found it interesting that even though Callie knowing what’s like being in that dark hole, having his brother who dealt with his father support him. Kayden of course not use to love, now other than Callie, struggles to understand it.

These books were the greatest surprise I’ve read in a long, long, time. With a subject of rape, abuse, drugs etc. is a uncomfortable topic that isn’t and shouldn’t be taken lightly but needs to be brought to attention. This books might be fictional but it might give a light to those in the dark. Callie and Kayden’s story might not be real but they’re struggles are very real that REAL people are dealing with right now. Reading a story, real or not, about them conquering they’re monsters and the possibility of a life full of love and hope can give that person strength when they have given up.

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden followed me every time I was in the book store. Ignoring each time, yet knowing it was calling out to be, I decided, with hesitation to read The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. Buying a book without reading it first is a risk I don’t normally take, since I might be spending money on a book I might not even like. However, this book had been following me and I needed to start listening. I bought the book with not preparation or know what it was truly about. This book was my Coincidence, Redemption, and my Resolution.  It shocked me in the most wonderful and amazing way. I truly believe that books have power over the reader and it can bring people who are lost in the dark into the light. It did for me. I will never know what Callie and Kayden went through or anyone who went through something like that. The unbelievable strength and courage the victims have is astonishing.

In Callie’s view, be your own hero and you can defeat the monster. Don’t be a princess or a prince, be the warrior you are!

If you or anyone needs help please contact National Sexual Assault Hotline 1800-656-4673 or chat online. They’re there to help! 


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