Red Queen Book Review

The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones mixed with X-men. I know. But it’s the best way to describe it and it fits, at least to me anyway.

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The beginning was a bit difficult to get through, with all the information the author was trying to give. The setting reminded me of The Hunger Games, in a town filled the poor who work to give the rich their riches.

The world is split in two, Reds and Silvers. Reds are the poor who are over-worked and underpaid. Their blood is red, and their all human.

The Silvers are the rich. The live in a town where people worship them and are ruled by a King and Queen. Their blood is silver but they’re a different type of human.

This is where the X-men pop into my head. The silvers have abilities and them alone carry. Some can control metal, read minds, manipulate the earth’s elements, and there’s fire bending, to name a few. Unlike the X-men though, they don’t hide it, in fact they use their abilities to not only inflict fear but to show that they’re the gods and the reds, who have no abilities as nothing more than slaves.

The reds already force to work and live in poverty, are also forced join the military and are sent to war. Once a child is of age, they’re off to fight war for the king, who doesn’t care about the reds, in the battlefront or in the towns.

Mare knows her time is coming and she will soon be a soldier of war, like her brothers before. Mare is the black sheep in her family.  Her only skill is stealing and using her “earnings” to help her family the only way she knows how.

Mare sees defeat in her future, only to meet someone who takes pity on her. She then finds herself summoned by the king. In the city she is then informed that she is not only working to the king now, but serving the very people she hates, Silvers. 

Mare knows that this is her only chance to escape war and help out her family other than stealing, begins to work at another slave to the silvers. Things immediately change when an event known as Queentrial, basically a beauty pageant who showcase they’re abilities and hope to be the next queen/princess. The King announces that his sons will pick a bride and the trial beings.

This is the Game of Thrones feel I got when reading, when each family was named, with each color representing their house and so forth. Not to mention there’s a King and a Queen.

The event turns batshit crazy when Mare is thrown from her position in the crowd into the arena, only she isn’t harmed. Mare’s hands spark electricity. With complete confusion as to what’s happening to her, let alone thousands of people watching her, she runs from sight. Of course that doesn’t end well and she’s captured.

Mare is a red but has an ability like a silver. Never heard of which means she’s a threat.

Mare is suddenly face to face with the King and Queen themselves, along with their sons. Using their power, The king offers Mare a proposition. She pretends to be a long lost princess, who was orphaned by war but was taken in by a red and believes she was a red herself. Only to discover she’s a silver. Mare is not only discovering her new powers but now she has to lie about herself and her life in order to not just save herself but her family as well.

The beginning was a little rocky but it skyrocket from there! I was hooked and intrigued with not just the story but the characters. The ending was a shocker to say the least and I yelled for sure, not going to pretend I didn’t yell out some foul words. I’m beyond relieved that a book I bought a year ago, that has been sitting in my bookshelf ( I didn’t want to read it until all the books where released) was not a waste of money and space. I found myself unable to stop reading and it’s a feel I look for and hope for every time I read.

Red Queen I applaud you!




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