Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) Book Review

I’m sticking to my original description that this book is, The Hungers Games meets Game of Thrones mixed with X-men, and one character reminded me too much of one particular character from Game of Thrones that it was kind of scary.

I won’t spoiler anything in the book but there are somethings that will spoil things if you haven’t read Red Queen. So do yourself a favor and go read it first!

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On the move or die. That’s the realization Mare quickly learns now that she’s branded a “murderer” “traitor” “a threat” etc. She’s the lightening girl that manipulated the prince into doing the action he did. Not only did she barely escaped with her life, she now accompanied with Cal. An outcast like herself now.

This book took off as soon as I started reading, granted I was already intrigued and eager to find out what happened next, I was relieved that the pace was different than the first.

In a new setting, Mare is with reds again only to be feared by her own people. Abilities have always belonged to the silvers but she is proof that a red can carry that genre as well. That knowledge, is not only a threat to the silvers who hunt her but a fearful creature to her own people.

Mare deal with so much more in the book! Fighting for the rights and freedom fro the reds becomes much more difficult when she realizes she’s isn’t red nor silver. Newblood. Someone who has the blood of a red but abilities of a silver are called newbloods, and there’s much more than just her.

Her mission, with the help of others who join her, as well as Cal, seek out to find newbloods before the king does.


Her mission is only to try to save as many newbloods as possible, but to try to recruit them into joining the fight of the rebellion against the king, the very king who wants the heads of every newblood, the head of Cal and her submission.

Who is the character the reminded me so much of a evil motherfucker from Game of Thrones? Haven’t figured it out yet…

Maven is Joffery! It fits so well it’s scary! He’s obsession with Mare is mirrored like Joffery’s obsession with Sansa. The cruelty, hatred and the smile he gives when he kills was something I wasn’t expecting from Maven. Granted, he is the villain but like Mare, you hope there’s good in him. Star wars moments are everywhere!

The story does revolve around the fact the Mare is trying to find others like herself but the story is deepen with Mare’s fate. Sinking into a darkness that she believes needs to happen for them to win the war. But can you fight evil with evil or fight it with good and lose more people that you have already lost? The internal battle Mare has is one that I was glad to read. Good people are always struggling to find that balance and Mare is no different.

Along side Mare, you see Cal. Someone who has lost everything, battling a fight he didn’t want to begin with.Both are trying to not only fight for what they believe in but realizing that maybe they believe in the wrong thing or better yet going about their beliefs in the wrong way.

I was hooked from beginning to end and it proved that cliffhangers in books suck some major ass!

King’s Cage, Red Queen #3 will be released February 7, 2017. You bet your ass I’m pre-ordering it!


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