As Old As Time Book Review

As you might have seen, I love Beauty and the Beast, so it’s no surprise I was eager to read a retelling of it. The second I read the summary I was intrigued. “What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast?” To add more to it, the cover it perfectly.

I thought I would love it because it’s based on one of my favorite Disney movies…I was wrong.

The beginning goes back and forth between Maurice, Belle’s father, and how he meet her mother, and Belle’s present time. The summary and on the cover reveals that the Enchantress that we’re introduced in the beginning of the movie is Belle’s mother. In the book she isn’t the only magical being.

Les Charmantes, people with magical abilities, are being hunted to near extinction. The plague adds more fuel to the already big flame, when people begin to blame the charmantes as the reason people are getting sick. With the kingdom on lock down, the Enchantress aka Belle’s mother, seeks help from the King and Queen, the Beast’s parents, for safety of her people.

The King and Queen only caring about themselves ignore her and the rest of their kingdom. Angry the Enchantress returns to the castle and curses the prince into the Beast as punishment for letting her people die.

Without giving too much away. Even though we know the story, I hope you know the story, the book changes a lot, not just who cursed the beast. What I did like was some of the dialogue was the same of the movie, which I enjoyed. I could visualize the scenes like it was in the movie.

What I dislike enormously was that Belle was made into a sarcastic character that disney movie Belle isn’t. I found that when she would make sarcastic comments I disliked her all together. There was no need to change her when there was nothing wrong with her to bring with.

I continued to love the Beast, which was a relief considering I was being to dislike Belle. The theory of the portrait was a much better one than the one I came up with and I liked it. The story is different and ends in a way I didn’t really like. I loved the Beast and the secondary characters, Cogsworth, Lumiere and Mrs. Potts even more.

I am extremely disappointed it didn’t react my expectations. I bought this book solely on the fact that it was Beauty and the Beast, so I had hope that it wouldn’t disappoint. If I hadn’t thrown away my receipt I would have returned it.


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