Six of Crows Book Review

“No mourners. No funerals.” 

In the Barrel you either steal from others or they’ll bleed you dry. Survive, that is what it’s like to live in a place like the Barrel and Kaz knows all too well. Kaz is asked to complete an impossible rescue mission. The rescue mission is breaking out someone from the most guarded prison known. A drug has been forced on Grisha, people with special abilities, which has caused their powers to triple. Other side effect, they become addicted to the drug after the first use.

Kaz is asked to break into the prison and retrieve the very scientist that created the drug, while not getting caught and thrown into a cell in the process, oh and die of course. Even though Kaz would be receiving a big payout he knows he needs a team and highly qualified to help him pulled this off.

Definitely not a group of friends but more thieves, killers, survivals of the Barrel. The story is told by different members, Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Wylan, and Jesper. All have a story and how they ended up living in poverty.

Each of them have a special skill that they had to learn to stay alive. What I wasn’t expecting was high emotions between the group. You have thieves, gamblers, a Grisha, whose people are looked down about, a known person who no one really knows, a slave and an ex soldier. The group not only have to try to achieve this suicide mission but have to work along side the very person/people they hate.

The beginning and middle was a bit slow for me but I enjoyed Kaz’s and Inej’s weird relationship that it made me want to know more. A pair that works so well together and yet they don’t know each other. Kaz is someone known and not messed with. Other than his reputation his story and even his real name is a mystery. Inej kidnapped, sold and forced to work at a whore house knows that in order to live you want walk in the shadows and get them before they get you.

What I loved was that they woman weren’t damsel in distress! They were kick ass woman! Granted they have issue, but let’s face that’s reality. A group that hate each other, forced to work together for one common goal, freedom. With the money they would get if they full it off would change their shitty lives.

This book took me way too long to finish, granted there were times I couldn’t read but for the most part it didn’t grab me as much as I wanted it to. When I was near the end was when I was finally intrigued.

I will say that because of the way it ended I will pick up Crooked Kingdom, which is the sequel.

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