Doctor Strange Movie Review

Iron man if he had a baby with Harry Potter and was sharing custody with Inception.

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I knew absolutely zero about Doctor Strange, granted I’d heard of the name which was about it. Seeing the trailer, I had my doubts, and not because it didn’t look appealing but because it was a whole new movie with a new character. The bar had been set and pretty damn high with 10 Marvel films behind it, so I was expecting a hell of a movie.


Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a neurosurgeon, a very talented and egotistical. Choosing on patients based what would bring him more popularity instead of just saving lives for the good of his heart. The resembles between him and Tony Stark was perfect! A character that sees themselves as Gods and having it taken away to really show them what really lies beneath.

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Strange get into a horrible accident causing him to fracture his hands and causing him to lose his job as a surgeon. Strange learns about a man who was beyond help and defeated the odds and walked when doctors, including himself, said he wouldn’t. Strange seeks help in Nepal who helped that very man walk in hopes he would be able to heal him hands.

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The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) shows Strange the way of the force, or magic, and Strange becomes a believer. What I liked about this movie was how it made it clear that Strange didn’t want to be a hero and help fight bad guys but to just get the ability to work again and get his popularity back. It showed how the layer of his persona began to strip away. I enjoyed watching him learn about the magic instead him just suddenly become a great kick ass sorcerer.

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Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) the bad guy in the movie has stolen pages from an ancient book that would destroy the very universe as we know it. The effects in this movie is WILD! I was worried that it just make you dizzy, look beyond weird and it not fit to the movie but it fit perfectly!

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In every Marvel movie there’s a bit of humor, okay a lot of humor because it’s awesome, I wasn’t expecting much if not any humor in this one. Just like Doctor Strange  I don’t know anything about Benedict Cumberbatch either. I saw him as a serious guy but the dude is funny! It had comedy that made it feel like a Marvel movie.

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Doctor Strange was awesome, I had a great time watching and left with a Doctor Strange fan as well as Benedict Cumberbatch, two for one! I excited to see more of this character in the films yet come and beyond eager to see him with the rest of the cast from the previous movies…Infinity war maybe?

If you’re a TRUE MARVEL FAN than I shouldn’t be saying this but if you’re not, stay to the very end of the credits. Two scenes are shown and it’s worth the wait!

Doctor Strange will return.


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