In a Dark, Dark Wood Book Review

This is why I avoid bachelorette parties, because someone might get shot…among other things.

Image result for in a dark dark wood

Nora prefers her space, by space I mean seclusion. While working on her next novel she receives invitation to a bachelorett party and the bribe to be is someone she hasn’t seen or spoken to in ten years. Nora wanting to ignore the invite is suddenly curious as to why the bride to be is asking for her after all these years.

Clare, the bride to be, has a maid of honor reacting out to friends of hers to join them for the party. Nora arrives to a cabin hidden in the woods for the weekend, with no reception or a car to leave if she wants.

Six people, some who know each other while others are meeting for the first time, all have something in common. They have a history with Clare. As the party continues, discussions get heated and someone gets shot. The mystery begins when you try to piece together what happened on the night of the accident.

The story reminded me of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie where each character had something to hide and where held inside a cabin. When I picked up this book it was said that it would “keep me up at night” or “scare me” and I was counting on it. Sadly, it didn’t. Not saying it wasn’t a good read because it was an entertaining read. However, my expectations were set high because of all the things people said about it. The mystery was a bit obvious half way through and wished it would have shocked me in the end.

Gathering everything, the book was an easy read, and one I would recommend, though I was hoping for more.



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