Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Review (Spoiler FREE)

I was transported back in time, 1977 to be exact, and I’m watching Star Wars for the first time! 

For those of you who don’t know about Star Wars or are a bit confused as to where this movie follows, this movie is between Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4 A New Hope.

I’m assuming you have seen A New Hope…

The scene where Princess Leia is giving R2-D2 the plans of the Death Star before her encounter with Darth Vader…okay that little chip she gives him, this movie shows how those plans got to her which lead to Luke and Obi-wan to Han Solo and Chewbacca and the destruction of the Death Star.

This is a missing piece of a picture we already know!

Okay now let’s review!

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If you haven’t yet seen Rogue one, WHY? But the weekend isn’t over so you have time. This isn’t just another Star Wars movie and no it isn’t episode 8! It changes how we see Star Wars and managed to give us a new story, a story that should be told and connects all the movies together. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

Jyn Erso ( Felicity Jones) is brought in by the rebellion and reveals that her father, who was taken from her as a little girl, has not only been working with the Empire but has created a weapon so dangerous…can you guess what it is…it was in the trailer…THE DEATH STAR!

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Helping her is rebel Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and his once Empire droid friend K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) and they set off to find her father. K-2SO brought so much humor that worked so well in this film and I shouldn’t even be surprised because it was Andy Tudyk and the guy is a fantastic actor/comedian. Cassian’s character was one I always thought of when thinking about the rebellion. The rebellion are our heroes but heroes that have very difficult choices and they’re not always black and white and I loved that they showed that and Diego Luna did amazing with it.

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There are a lot of new characters, being a stand-alone film,  certain characters stood out more than the rest and one was Donnie Yen’s character Chirrut Imwe. He brought a certain depth in the movie that connected with the theme and he’s bad ass!

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One minor flaw was at the beginning which was that it was a bit slow and jumped too much from character to character but really it was just the beginning part and the rest of the movie had me on the edge of my seat with non stop action!

It was more gritty than what we’re use to seeing in Star Wars and it worked so well in this particular story.

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By the middle you’re invested in these characters, you feel they’re bond of friendship and the hope of fighting evil and the true start of the Star Wars universe, this is the beginning.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars story surprised me with a new story and still managed to feel like a Star Wars movie. There we SO MANY OTHER SURPRISES that had me smiling so big and the END WAS EPITOME OF AWESOMENESS!

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