The Legend of Tarzan Movie Review

Yes this movie come out in 2016 and I just saw it. I’m ashamed I’m behind on my movies and I’m trying to catch up! Making this my TBT (Throw back Thursday) movie review. 

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Watching this I found it difficult in not trying to compare the Disney version, but I the Disney version flew out the window the second Alexander Skarsgard took off his shirt. The Legend of Tarzan takes place about ten years after the story we all know, or at least think we know. Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) is now married to Jane (Margot Robbie) and they live in a comfortable and rich life in London.

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Tarzan, who is now called by his real name which is John Clayton, gets an invitation to return to his home in Africa and report the progress they have made. This was one of the Disney flashback I had when Tarzan was suddenly Clayton. Clayton was the villain from what I remember and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Tarzan was actually a Clayton. Yes, it just bothered more than it should have. Tarzan or John, wants to live a normal life with Jane and try to ultimately forget the stories that are told about them.

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I found that Margot Robbie as Jane a great choice. She plays the character well and made me like the character of Jane even more. Another one that was a shocker and I completely forgot was in this movie was Samuel L. Jackson. When he come on the screen I thought he would play a small role but that wasn’t the case. He brought humor and I loved seeing him along side John aka Tarzan.

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When John, Jane and Samuel L. Jackson’s character George Washington Williams, arrive in Africa they learn that made of the tribes have been overrun and taken as slaves. Trying to be very vague on this and try not to spoil anything (if you haven’t seen already). Jane is taken and John along side George try to help the villagers as well as get his Jane back. You have you movie. There were moments where it like they didn’t know which direction they wanted to go and it seemed off.

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I enjoyed seeing the apes and trying to figure out which one was Tark, as well as when the elephants arrived and wondered which one was Tantor. Seriously, I can’t be the only one who thought of Disney’s Tarzan while watching this? I really enjoyed the flashbacks but wanted to see more of how Tarzan and Jane met as well as how their relationship got started. Towards the end it seemed a bit dragged on but there was a cool fight side in the jungle and I wished there were more like that throughout the film.

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There wasn’t enough Jane and Tarzan and I found that weird considering it’s they’re movie. When they did have a scene I found it too short to see if there was chemistry between the two as you would expect from the love struck characters. Christoph Waltz who plays the villain in this as he does in everything is, it what you would expect. He’s a great actor and a better villain. A calm and collected guy and there wasn’t a shock when he had a scene. I will say the way he killed a guy was a shocker and I wasn’t expecting that, but it was in the beginning of the movie and there wasn’t much else.

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Overall, the movie wasn’t horrible and it had more flaws than expected but watchable, so at least it has that. CGI was done very well, and the scenery was beautiful and if they decide to make another Tarzan I would sure watch it. At least the movie didn’t make me hate Tarzan.

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