(OFFICIAL TITLE) Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

What’s a better was to wake up on a Monday morning than the official title for the upcoming episode 8!

There has been many theories of what episode 8 would be. That being said the anticipation has been killing fanboys, fangirls and me for the big reveal. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. How can a title being chills to the spin?


That’s that theory circling around right now and frankly I’m on edge too. We know that episode 8 will start off where The Force Awakens ended, which is Rey finally meeting Luke Skywalker. It was also revealed that episode 8 will be a lot darker than episode 7. With the tone being darker I loved how they revealed the title with red letters instead of the yellow.

Although the rumor is Rey will become the last Jedi meaning Luke is going to die, BUT Jedi is also plural which can mean Luke and Rey are the last Jedi. Might be fails hope but hope just the same.

My theory is if it continues the path of the original, The Force Awakens is A New Hope, than The Last Jedi is Emperor Strikes Back. Luke is definitely going to train Rey and teach her the ways of the force, which means Luke will become Yoda! I can’t wait to see that!!

Another question comes to mind is Carrie Fisher’s Leia. December 2016 the world lost our Princess and although she had finished filming her scenes of episode 8, I do wonder what her role will be. That being said would they kill two major characters in one movie? I mean it’s done in Game of Thrones, but that’s completely different!

There’s about a million more questions and ones that won’t be answered until December and it couldn’t come sooner! Can the trailer come out now please!!



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