Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Far more RAUNCHY then the first and that is saying something! 

NOTE: This is OF COURSE the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, so if you haven’t seen it then there will be some confusion as to why certain things happen and whose who. But if you don’t give a shit and watch it either way, you’ll enjoy it just the same. But seriously, why haven’t you watched it?

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Anastasia broke up with Christian in the last movie and it pretty much starts from there. They’re trying to forget and move on with life, and failing miserably. Christian shows up and asks to give me another chance. This movie did add more to why Christian is the way that he is and his very dark and sad past.

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“No rules. No punishments. No secrets.” Shit was getting real. Anastasia knows he keeps a lot of himself closed off and that is a major part of any relationship. When he does open up, she finds that he’s entire mind set is changing as well. A character that fucks it all up is Mrs. Robinson aka Elena (Kim Basinger). This was a character in the book that had introduced Christian into the BDSM lifestyle. Anastasia knowing that what she had done was nothing more than child abuse. Christian still defending her, and claiming she’s nothing more than a friend, causes her to distances herself once again.

Kim Basinger played Mrs. Robinson so well! Someone had to play a woman of elegance, confidence and a total bitch. Well done Basinger, well done!

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Anastasia gets her dream job and we went another new character. Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) played the very hot, creepy, horny boss. Jack takes an interest on Anastasia and while she’s oblivious Christian is not. Eric Johnson did a great job playing this character and one I pictured while reading the books. He was in a cool, attractive and confident guy, a guy that got his way. The douche that when he heard the word no they would throw a hissy fit, you know that guy.

The scenes between Jack and Anastasia, along with Elena, proved just how strong willed she is and I loved that! She had a kick ass moment, two really, that made me love her even more!

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Just as Christian begins to open up to Anastasia, someone from his past returns. Now, when I read the book there was a scene with Leila (Bella Heathcote) that was so fucked up that I didn’t think a book was capable of. During the movie I wondered how they were going to add that particular scene. I won’t say what scene it was but either way it didn’t make it into the movie and I don’t know how to feel about it. One, pretty glad because I don’t think I would be able to get through it without feel the same way I felt when I read it. Two, I wanted to see because it would show how mentally unstable Leila really was. All things considered what made more of an impression was Dakota Johnson’s performance and because of that the scene wouldn’t have worked.

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The movie might have had a bit more sex scenes HOWEVER the scenes were STEAMIER, SEXIER, AND HOTTER in this movie! Far more than Fifty Shades of Grey, which is odd considering they had the red room but they managed to make it worth the wait. There were moments, MORE THAN ONE, that I asked, “can they do that?” I know this is fake, clearly, but they way they acted didn’t seem fake. Yes, I’ve heard it all before, “no one acts this way.” Yeah, why do you think we watch this movie? Christian and Anastasia’s relationship is so unrealistic which makes it all the more appealing.

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Talking about fake sex about fictional characters I have to acknowledge the actors who have a very difficult job in bring those characters to life. In Fifty Shades of Grey I enjoyed Jamie Dornan as Christian and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia. They did a good job and the chemistry, although steamy scenes were shown, was very plain but a good introduction for the upcoming films. In this movie the chemistry was undeniable and definitely improved from the first which made they’re scenes, not just “realistic” but more invested in the characters and their love story. Jamie and Dakota have a very difficult job in not just trying to please a hella of a lot of fans but the awkwardness of doing these very intimate scenes in front of a whole crew team watching then knowing millions of people.

Fifty Shades Darker wasn’t just a better film than the first but you see how much they improved as actors since them. Dakota and Jamie are incredible actors and for them to work in a film franchise of this magnitude proves strength in the industry. I, now can not see anyone else playing this roles other than them and that says a lot.

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Stay during the credits because you get a special look into Fifty Shades Freed which will be released February 9th of 2018!

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Guys Fifty Shades Darker was so much better than the first and we get one more…in a year but we get one more!!


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