Spider-man: Homecoming Trailer 2

The second Tom Holland arrived on the screen during Civil War I was hooked on him being the new Spider-man! When the first trailer released I was in awe and I’ve never said that when it came to Spider-man. Now trailer 2 shows more and if I had to critic about it is that they showed a little bit too much. It looks bad ass and I’m beyond excited for it, I just wished that would have kept some of the plot until you see the movie. Either way it looks fan-fuckin-tastic! 

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Power Rangers Movie Review

Nostalgic galore! 

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A group of teenagers”coincidentally” meet by a mine field and discover The Power Coins. They suddenly realize that because of it they now have super strength, speed and abs, at least one of them anyway. They return back the mines and meet Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and he tells that they are now Power Rangers and must defeat a great threat, Rita (Elizabeth Banks).

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Okay, when I first heard about a movie that was influential in my childhood, a cheesy beloved show called Power Rangers, dudes I was excited! Why? I grew up watching this show and thinking these were kick ass super heroes! Cheesy as hell and can’t watch it now, but back then it was amazing. So why wouldn’t you try to reinvent it with the technology we have and get unknown actors and run with it.

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I was really surprised that these unknown actors were actually really good actors! It would have sucked it they did! Although, they didn’t morph into the power rangers until close to the end of the movie, I enjoyed the character development. It had good humor and it was brought by the blue ranger/Billy who really stood out among the group.

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Without spoiling anything I did yelled out as did the theater at the end of the big fight scene, mostly the adults who recognized it.

Overall I had a good time with it and it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and I set the bar low! The actors did a great job and hopeful they move up in Hollywood so we can see more of them. I was taken back to the 90’s but with a massive upgrade and it was awesome watching it with my 11 year old nephew.



Rush By Maya Banks (Book Review)

I have to come to terms with the realization that I’ve met the quota.  

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Gabe is a successful man and a very wealthy man at that. Having his own company along side his two best friends, he had it all. Except a woman he’s been lusting for that just so happens to be his partner’s/ best friend’s little sister.

Mia has had a crush on Gabe for as long as she could remember. With him being 14 years older than her and her brother’s best friend, she believed that he was nothing more than a fantasy to be had.

When she arrives to surprise her brother at a party, their attraction sparks. Gabe suddenly realizes that he must have her. Gabe offers her a job along with a contract for other activities. Sex, it’s sex if you didn’t get it. Gabe has been burnt once and has guarded his heart to appear like he doesn’t have one. Mia wanting to be with a man she’s been in love with for years has been given the opportunity but with the risk of heart break.

I’ve now had my share of erotic reads, clearly since I love Fifty Shades, but I have yet to enjoyed it since then. They all seem like…well sex reads. Yes I know that is what erotica book are for. Hear me out! When reading Fifty I saw it as a love story. NOT HERE FOR DEBATES! Maybe it was because I had never read anything like it before, either way since then all other books “similar to it” such hasn’t sit well with me. I’ve read others that were intense AF and that just has it’s own category but they all seemed bland to me now.

I took a break from it but decided to give it another go. By now you should have figured out how that went. It wasn’t horrible or even bad. It was just the same as all the rest. I wasn’t invested with the characters and didn’t feel the love they were describing. As I was reading I just wanted it to end and that my friends is something I don’t like feeling. I want to travel inside the story and it never end.

This has received great reviews and it don’t shock because again it wasn’t horrible or bad. I just believe I’ve burnt out the erotic genre. A few months wasn’t enough of a break and I might end up reading the rest of this series later on who knows. When I recommend books I make sure that they understand that because I love one book or not so much, that is my opinion on it and it shouldn’t stop them from reading it for themselves.

“No two persons ever read the same book.”- Edmund Wilson

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review (SPOILERS?)

I was transported back to my childhood. Playing the VHS and rewinding it and playing it again and again. 

Not sure if these are spoilers but I’m warning you either way.

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If you don’t know the story I don’t think you’re human but I’ll level with you. This movie is a live action retelling of Disney’s 1991 animated film. A prince was cursed by an Enchantress because he had no love in his heart. The prince was then turned into a beast and his servants were turned into objects. A rose was given to the now beast and would bloom into his 21st birthday. If he didn’t learn to love and have someone love him he would be doomed to stay a beast forever. Okay…good!

Now THIS MOVIE not only managed to bring that beloved story to life but answered some major questions that we’ve all had at one point while watching the animated movie. I’ll talk about that throughout the review.

Oh one more thing. The casting. THE COULD NOT HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB!!! Okay, now we may continue.

From the beginning the film you realize that they changed that particular part of the story. To be honest I think it was a better explanation than the animated film. Makes more sense, if you really think about it.

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Belle (Emma Watson) is known as the town’s outcast. Her love for literature is frown upon, being the only one who could, besides the librarian. her only escape is through books and her supportive father, who is also the outcast of the town.Emma Watson brought Belle to life! Her strength, intelligence, and wits all the things we loved about Belle was shown because is basically Belle.

Movements that the characters from the animated film did were replicated which made this movie all the more magical! You would notice them if you watched Beauty and the Beast so many times that it’s engraved in your brain.

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There is no way that they could make this film without some of the original songs from the original. Not only were some of our favorites added but Alan Menken, the OG from the original, returned and composed it once again. The second the song “Belle” started I began to whisper sing (no one hears me sing).

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Luke Evans as Gaston…the dude is Gaston! His facial expressions and his movements, his entire attitude screamed Gaston. When I say they nailed the cast, THEY MADE THIS CAST THEIR BITCH! Gaston is the town’s favorite guy, guys want to be him and girls want to be with him, with the expectation of Belle. While other see it as a long shot, Gaston sees it as a challenge and one he plans on winning. You can’t have Gaston without his loyal pal LeFou (Josh Gad). Josh Gad, voice of Olaf, brought what we knew he would bring. Humor! Josh Gad was born to play LeFou!

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Music, and the most perfect cast ever, I was dying to see the interaction between Beast and Belle. So when the second both characters come on screen I was on the edge of my seat. Hats off to the makeup artist and special effects crew you  created the Beast. He wasn’t weird looking but a animalitic man. Think about it cause it makes sense! Although I cried about 4 times, maybe more, this was one of my favorite scenes and cried a bit harder. The chemistry between Beast and Belle was just as magical as the love story that is Beauty and the Beast. I was shipping HARD AF!

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You can’t have Beauty and the Beast without Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), Cogsworth (Ian Mckellen) and Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson). These characters bring so much humor and heart that you feel as connected to them as you do with the main characters. The creativity behind these new takes on beloved characters was absolutely astonishing.

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There were some changes in Belle’s and Beast backstory but there was also some answers that the animated film forgot to mention. Such as their parents. Belle had her father but there was never any mention of her mother and was became of her. With Beast, he was cursed and so were his staff and yet his parents were no where to be found. The explanation for both parents I thought was very clever. Especially on Beast side because he reflects on the type of person he grew up to being and one of the reasons why he was cursed, besides him being totally about looks.

If I had to change one thing it would be with Beast when he decides to free her. Instead of him roar in heart break as he did in the animated film he had song which was a beautiful score but I didn’t feel the impact of it. I think it would have made it more powerful if he had roared in pain over the loss of Belle.

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Now there’s a lot of controversy regarding LeFou being an openly gay character, a first in Disney. Look what you feel is how you feel, not here to state rather it’s wrong or right, to his it’s own. I will say ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! You really thought this guy was straight? The guy sang a song about his adoration for Gaston! Come on people! Fine you really didn’t think about it. Okay. THE MOVIE DOESN’T SHOW ANYTHING! Hearing stories about theaters refusing to show it or parents cancelling their trips to Disneyland because of this is absolutely mind boggling. But again what they choose is their choice. The “gay moment” was less than a second and one that if you blinked you would have missed it. I won’t say when and where because if you don’t notice it there is your answer.

For those who didn’t know here is a fun fact! Howard Ashman, the lyricist for the animated film and winner of 2 academy awards, was a gay man who passed before the films release. He was so passionate about Beauty and the Beast because he saw it as his story about a man living a curse, a man with AIDS, and his curse would be broke by a cure. LeFou as a gay character is a homage to the late and talented Howard Ashman.

The fact that a character, not even the main character, was made gay didn’t take away from the story that was being told. I found it touching and beautiful that they honored someone who was responsible for creating the most beautiful music in the world of Disney, in my childhood and of others, for someone who loved what he did and he didn’t get to see it.

I will say that you end up liking LeFou more than the animated film, Josh Gad has some funny lines!

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Beauty and the Beast took my back to my childhood. It was absolutely amazing that brought tears to my eyes. The managed to bring to life a beloved classic and made it it’s own while respecting the original. A story about love, friendship, bravery, knowing that your different and that’s okay and seeing someone from within instead of what they look like. Is it better? There both different even though they’re telling the same story. I can appreciate both, watch both and enjoy both. The animated film will always have a place in my heart and this version just adds to it. They did an incredible job and one you see that they worked hard in creating to give the best movie they can. You can’t ask for more!

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King’s Cage (Red Queen #3) Book Review

Psychological and war tactics…that seems about right.


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The way Glass Sword ended you can say that the wait has been FREAKIN TORTURE! Mare is held prisoner to Maven, the king. From the last two books it was made extremely clear that Maven was in love with Mare, along with Cal. However, we see that there is a fine line between love and obsession.

This book had me conflicted and I loved that! It wasn’t so black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. In the case of Maven we learn why he is the way that he is and I began to feel some sympathy towards him…just a bit. In all you felt the frustration Mare felt when dealing with her feelings towards him too. She’s held against her will, mentally and physically abused by Samson (Whisper) and forced to act as if she’s with Maven. With all that and everything he’s done he’s someone she trusted and in some moments he acts like his old ways. Could you forgive someone who has caused so much and harmed so many?

The battle between Maven and the Scarlet Guard continues and you see division within the guard too. Some want to fight, others want to flee and Cal wants to get Mare back with no deaths, which causes conflicted already. Cal’s mind in strictly on Mare and her rescue and I found that heart warming! Cal struggles without Mare but ultimately it made they realize their true feelings for each other.

I was surprised to read about Evangeline and again the psychological trauma that the characters deal with and had to deal with that has shaped them into the people they become. You see the impact someone has on someone and it can be either positive or negative.

The book started a bit slow but picked up and held the intensity throughout the book. Even after I finished and read that a movie is now in the works and will be directed by the amazing and talented Elizabeth Banks.

Overall King’s Cage was amazing and I’m eager to see where the characters will end up in the next book (2018) and BEYOND EXCITED to see more news on the movie!