King’s Cage (Red Queen #3) Book Review

Psychological and war tactics…that seems about right.


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The way Glass Sword ended you can say that the wait has been FREAKIN TORTURE! Mare is held prisoner to Maven, the king. From the last two books it was made extremely clear that Maven was in love with Mare, along with Cal. However, we see that there is a fine line between love and obsession.

This book had me conflicted and I loved that! It wasn’t so black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. In the case of Maven we learn why he is the way that he is and I began to feel some sympathy towards him…just a bit. In all you felt the frustration Mare felt when dealing with her feelings towards him too. She’s held against her will, mentally and physically abused by Samson (Whisper) and forced to act as if she’s with Maven. With all that and everything he’s done he’s someone she trusted and in some moments he acts like his old ways. Could you forgive someone who has caused so much and harmed so many?

The battle between Maven and the Scarlet Guard continues and you see division within the guard too. Some want to fight, others want to flee and Cal wants to get Mare back with no deaths, which causes conflicted already. Cal’s mind in strictly on Mare and her rescue and I found that heart warming! Cal struggles without Mare but ultimately it made they realize their true feelings for each other.

I was surprised to read about Evangeline and again the psychological trauma that the characters deal with and had to deal with that has shaped them into the people they become. You see the impact someone has on someone and it can be either positive or negative.

The book started a bit slow but picked up and held the intensity throughout the book. Even after I finished and read that a movie is now in the works and will be directed by the amazing and talented Elizabeth Banks.

Overall King’s Cage was amazing and I’m eager to see where the characters will end up in the next book (2018) and BEYOND EXCITED to see more news on the movie!


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