Power Rangers Movie Review

Nostalgic galore! 

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A group of teenagers”coincidentally” meet by a mine field and discover The Power Coins. They suddenly realize that because of it they now have super strength, speed and abs, at least one of them anyway. They return back the mines and meet Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and he tells that they are now Power Rangers and must defeat a great threat, Rita (Elizabeth Banks).

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Okay, when I first heard about a movie that was influential in my childhood, a cheesy beloved show called Power Rangers, dudes I was excited! Why? I grew up watching this show and thinking these were kick ass super heroes! Cheesy as hell and can’t watch it now, but back then it was amazing. So why wouldn’t you try to reinvent it with the technology we have and get unknown actors and run with it.

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I was really surprised that these unknown actors were actually really good actors! It would have sucked it they did! Although, they didn’t morph into the power rangers until close to the end of the movie, I enjoyed the character development. It had good humor and it was brought by the blue ranger/Billy who really stood out among the group.

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Without spoiling anything I did yelled out as did the theater at the end of the big fight scene, mostly the adults who recognized it.

Overall I had a good time with it and it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and I set the bar low! The actors did a great job and hopeful they move up in Hollywood so we can see more of them. I was taken back to the 90’s but with a massive upgrade and it was awesome watching it with my 11 year old nephew.




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