Now You See Me Movie Review

Who remembers watching that guy with the creepy mask show how magic tricks are done back in the late 90’s? Now You See Me is Magician’s Code but featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrison and Dave Franco and minus the creepy mask which is an added bonus!

Granted this movie was released in 2013 and I am just now watching, DON’T SAY IT! I shouldn’t say “spoiler warning.” But because I’m not a total dick, this review will have spoilers.

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Four people who are extremely talented magicians, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrison and Dave Franco are brought together by a mysterious person. After a year of meeting they have a successful show in Las Vegas. In their show they pull of a heist…in front of an audience without ever leaving the room. After they rob a bank, as the act of their show, they are arrested.

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Mark Ruffalo plays the detective that wants nothing more than to have the 4, who are known as The Four Horseman, behind bars. Mark Ruffalo’s character was one that we all are when watching a magic, and if you say you’ve never tried to figure out how a trick was made you are lying to yourself Janice!

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But everything every turn the group is about five steps ahead and Mark’s trying to find the logical explanation get’s angrier and desperate a times. The entire time I was trying to figure who was really pulling the Four Horseman strings. Who brought them together? When a new detective from FBI arrives and begins to work on the case with Mark and begins to drop hints of magic tricks and leaving things unsolved, I would have bet money on her. Goes to show what the movie brilliantly illustrated, “you focus on the magician and not the assistant.”

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Morgan Freeman plays a man who knows all the tricks and reveals then to Mark’s character after the group managed to pull of a grand scheme. He’s the guy that says, “oh you’re intrigued, well you’re an idiot because the box was never really cut and the chick inside it had a trapped door underneath it.” I really liked him! You didn’t know if he was playing a bad guy or just a guy that didn’t believe in magic because he knew all the do’s and don’ts.

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The magic sequences were extremely entertaining and kept you invested. Even though you know, magic trick or not, that would never happen it still left me with the “holy crap that was awesome!” What I didn’t see coming was the Mark’s character was actually responsible for bring the main characters together. Although I enjoy the unpredictability, it didn’t make sense and what the who “eye” thing was. I had a great time watching this movie! It had cool illusions, the chemistry between the cast was great, the action was none stop and it had humor. Now You See Me had been on my watch list since it came out and now I can watch part 2 without waiting a year or two for it. I still have to wait for part 3 but let’s not be a negative human!

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A Wrinkle in Time Book Review

Time, space and trying to find your father that’s mixed in between. 

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Meg, her highly intelligent little brother Charles Wallace and new friend Calvin are taken on an adventure to find and save Meg and Charles Wallace’s lost father. They were told he was working for the government, considering he is scientist, but has been missing for years. Meg and her brother are the outsiders of town for they way they talk and see things and tend to keep to themselves. When a strange woman of the name Mrs. Whatsit arrives unexpectedly things begin to happen. Calvin arrives and tells them he felt something pulling towards them. Their suddenly taken off to a different universe where they learn that not only do they have to save their father but defeat something much greater.

The characters were great, especially Charles Wallace! I enjoyed the conversations each of them had with each other. With their advance thinking it made it all the more interesting. Although these kids are super smart they were still kids, afraid and asked about a millions questions a minute and that made it realistic.

The first half was very entertaining then I found it less and less compelling. As the story continue however it began to pick up and found it intriguing again. It’s a story about friendship, light and dark and the power that Love has. It’s a definite story to tell to kids and I can see why it’s a beloved classic.

Me Before You Movie Review (Contains Spoilers)

In rare cases does an adaption effect me more than the book does.

If you haven’t read the book or have watched the movie BE WARNED THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! 

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When I read the book last year I was surprised to find myself thinking about Will’s ordeal more than emotionally connected to the characters. In other words I didn’t cry while reading it. In other cases, like 99.9% of them, that would tell you something because I cry of a drop of a hat. That’s just the way I’m built okay, stop judging me!

Lou (Emilia Clarke) has had bad luck with jobs and since she’s the bread winner of her family she needs one desperately. She is offered a job as a companion, no not a whore but a friend. Will (Sam Claflin) is paralyzed from the neck down caused by an accident and has long since given up on life. Will’s mother offers Lou the job to not just be a caregiver to Will but become his friend. Lou is a very friendly and socially awkward tries everything to cheer him up only to result in insults or silence.

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Will gives in to Lou consist attempts and begins to enjoy her company. As their friendship blooms Lou stops at nothing to make Will feel alive again. She starts booking trips and little adventures for them. Lou becomes more determined when she learns that Will has made plans to end his life after six months at assist suicide clinic.

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One of the things I was glad they changed in the movie was Lou’s sister Treena (Jenna Coleman) who was a total bitch in the book to a pleasant and supportive sister.

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A character who was minimized in his dickness but an actor I was super eager to see on screen was Lou’s boyfriend Patrick played by Neville himself Matthew Lewis. Patrick is an obsessive fitness junkie that becomes jealous of the relationship between Lou and Will. Although the pulled away a lot of what really made Patrick the asshole, I enjoyed seeing Matthew Lewis portraying him. He was your typical guy at the gym trying to get you to race on how many reps you can do then gloat about him beating you with time to spare. Come on you know the guy I’m talking about?

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Lou takes Will, along with his male nurse Nathan (Stephen Peacocke), to vacation on a island where they kiss for the first time. Will starts to tell her about his plans when she tells him she’s known for months. She then tells him that they could live a happy life when he tells her his mind has not changed. Although up to this point we’ve seen him depressed and then happy with Lou, but he gets sick often and he tells her that it’s heartbreaking when he has to wait on someone to get him out of bed every morning. Or not being able to hold her and do the things a normal person should be able to do. Will tells Lou that he doesn’t want her life to be a disappointment having to take care of him and he will go to Switzerland and go through with the plan.

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When they arrive back home, a heart broken Lou leaves him and doesn’t talk to him for days. She learns that he has left for the clinic and her father convinces her to see him one last time. Will is pleased to see her and they say goodbye to each other before he passes away. Time passes and we see Lou is in paris, a place Will loved, with a letter from him. As she’s sitting at a cafe she reads the letter that tells her that he wants her to life her life and has left her some money to follow her dreams.

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Now like I said in the beginning, I didn’t cry when I read the book but balled my eyes out while watching the movie. Don’t know rather it was because it was seeing it or that fact that I knew what was coming that broke me. Either way I was dry heaving and pretty sure I needed an oxygen tank. Me Before You makes you not only appreciate how good you have it but makes you think about what you would do if put in that position. Will’s story is one that is judged and frowned upon but we can’t say one thing about it until happens. You sympathize with Will but feel the frustration and hurt that Lou and his parents feel. When a story has the great of an impact it’s done it’s job and the movie made it more powerful and that doesn’t happen often.

It’s definitely the most powerful love story yet, and yes it tops The notebook for me! SHE WATCHES THE LOVE OF HER LIFE DIE!!!! I’m still recovering…I apologize for my outburst.

Me Before You caused me to have an ugly cry and appreciate the book more than I did before. Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) and Finnick (Sam Claflin) had great chemistry and played their roles perfectly. When it was time to have a bit of comedic relief they delivered it well. Overall I loved the film and would watch it again then eat a whole of ice cream!

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Passengers Movie Review

Late but not forgotten! Catching up on my movies with a sci-fi/romance featuring Star-Lord and Katniss!

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A starship is transporting 5,000 people, who are hibernating, to a new planet that takes 120 years to travel. A meter hits the ship causing a malfunction and wakes up an engineer Jim (Chris Pratt) 90 years early. After failing to go back into hibernation Jim deals with isolation and that beings to take a toll on him.

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For over year Jim has no human contact except for the bartender Arthur (Michael Sheen) who isn’t human but a android. For first 30 minutes of the film Chris Pratt carried this movie. I was surprised to see how much of a terrific actor he was. Granted I knew he was a kick ass actor, having to play a Marvel character an all. But this really pushed me into revealing his potential that we really haven’t had the chance to see.

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The first half was watching a man in complete isolation in space and see how it effects him. There is no way you could watch this movie without thinking to yourself if you would do the same things he did given that situation. When a movie makes you think you know it’s well done. After over a year of only talking to a robot another passenger wakes up. Aurora ( Jennifer Lawrence) a writer who was going to document one of the greatest adventure in history, has been waken too soon like Jim.

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Coming to terms with the fact that they’re alone in space, Jim and Aurora begin to feel an attraction towards each other. Plus it’s Chris Pratt! As they begin a romantic relationship they begin to notice glitches around the ship. After they investigate they find that ship is damaged.

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Jim and Aurora try to fix the problem before the entire ships crashes killing not just them but thousands on board. Sounding like your typical space/romance movie but there really is a more depth to it but can’t really say without giving it all away. I’ve read reviews that say the movie fell short and I see why they think that. The first thirty minutes were the strongest with just Chris Pratt because of his performance. Having Hollywood make a movie about an guy trapped in space isn’t blockbustery enough so they made it into a romance thriller featuring a very talented and well known actress.  Although, you don’t need two actors/actresses to create a powerful, captivating and moneymaking film, for example Castaway.

If you cut the romance out would it still be a great film? Yes.

Is the romance important to what this particular story was trying to say? Yes

Did I enjoy it? Yes and frankly that’s all that matters! I had a good time watching this movie. It had intensity, romance (Chris Pratt, people), action, space and it made you think. What I loved about it was what Chris Pratt brought to it. This guy is much more than just a funny guy! I see a future Oscar in his career!

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Crimson Peak Movie Review (spoilers)

Considering this movie came out in 2015, late I know now let it go, this is going to have spoilers. So if you haven’t seen STOP reading, and if you have seen it Welcome, or if you don’t care either way haveatit! 


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Rebecca meets Flowers in the Attic

The movie begins with a bloody Mia Wasikowska saying that “ghost are real.” Then it shows a little girl , the main character’s younger self, at her mother’s funeral. Later that night the little girl is visited by her mother’s ghost warning her about Crimson Peak. Flash forward 14 years the story begins.

An aspiring writer and outcast Edith (Mia Wasikowska) meets an inventor Thomas (Tom Hiddleston) who is looking for investors, one that happens to be her father. Thomas, an unknown man from England, doesn’t sit well with Edith’s father and ends up bribing Thomas along with his sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain) to leave New York. Edith father knowing that Edith and Thomas have feelings for each other blackmails Thomas into breaking her heart by leaving.

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Edith believes that Thomas and Lucille have left only to receive a letter from Thomas explaining that it was her father that spent them away. Edith is shocked and relieved that Thomas didn’t leave and confesses his love to her which a course she feels the same way. Edith and Thomas return to her home to learn that Edith’s father has been brutally murder. Edith’s childhood friend and physician Dr. Alan (Charlie Hunnam) disapproves of her relationship with Thomas, just like her father, begins to find more and more dirt on Loki.

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Edith marries Thomas and leaves New York and heads to England. This is where the beautiful cinematography that Guillermo Del Toro does so well comes into play. A broken down and very old mansion is now Edith’s new home with Thomas and Lucille. Edith begins to start hearing voices and then starts seeing red ghosts around the house. Lucille, who is very cold and distant towards her just continues to serve her tea and leave her alone. Thomas reveals that she married someone without wealth and she deserves more when she tells him he is all she has. Thomas unintentionally reveals that their land is called Crimson Peak because of the red clay under the house. Edith scared shitless about the red ghost appearing only to her begins to fall ill. Thomas then decides to take her out of the house for some alone time and to take her mind off ghosts.

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Thomas and Edith return to the mansion, you after doing the biggity bang bang, and Lucille loses her temper at Edith for not returning. Edith then takes a key from Lucille to open a box she found in the attic. Edith opens the box and finds letters from three different woman and recordings. Edith learns that each woman was in a relationship with Thomas, wealthy and fatally died. While listening to the recordings Edith learns that the very tea Lucille had been giving her is poisoned. Edith feeling very ill and coughing up blood stops drinking the tea.

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Trying to piece together everything Edith’s has learned, Alan is trying to get to Edith to reveal that Thomas has been married before and each wife had been killed. Of course at this point she had already figured that much. A weak Edith asks the red ghost what she wants from her and it leads her to find her Lucille and Thomas feeling each other up. Flowers in the Attic am I right? Lucille then pushes Edith off the stairs only to have her injured and not killed. Alan arrived in time to save her and tries to get her out of the house when Lucille forces Thomas to kill him. Thomas, although he was just banging his sister, is truly in love with Edith and gives Alan a non fatal stab. Lucille tries to force Edith to sign her wealth to her and Thomas and reveals the story to her.

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Lucille and Thomas’s mother had walked in on them to which caused Lucille to murder her. Thomas and Lucille turned to marriage and murder scheme to support themselves. Just then Lucille reveals to Edith that she was the one that murdered her father back in the states. Edith stabs Lucille and runs only to run into Thomas. Thomas then reveals that he truly loves her and wants her to be safe. He tells her that Alan is alive and Thomas will deal with Lucille. But with Lucille batshit crazy she breaks down when she learns that Thomas is in love with Edith instead of just another body/paycheck. Lucille ends up killing Thomas in rage. Edith runs to find Alan only to cornered by Lucille. Lucille is about to kill Edith when the ghost of Thomas appears distracting her. Edith then kills her with a shovel. Alan and Edith are seen walking away from the mansion as help is seen in the distance. At the very end we see Lucille’s ghost playing the piano to haunt the house alone forever. In the credits it shows that Edith finally gets her book published and it’s about Crimson Peak.

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The mind of Guillermo Del Toro is something of a masterpiece! It shows while watching this movie. The castle was so beautiful that you felt like everything in the mansion was meant to be there. Is it really a horror movie? No I don’t think. There was one scene or better yet a shot where a red ghost is seen hiding in the closet that freaked me about and that was about 5 seconds then it was gone. The ghost in the movie weren’t really the main focus on the film as the trailer intended it to be which I wish it weren’t the case. I was expecting a scare ass movie that I would need the lights on to sleep. What it was was a dark twisted love story.  That being said I enjoyed it! I was constantly trying to figure out Thomas and Lucille’s story and although you figure it out about half way, the whole incense thing shock the hell out of me!

Sometimes when you’re expecting something and get something different and it either works or it doesn’t. I was in the middle. From the trailer it looked like this movie intended to scare and I was ready for it and in rare case I was seeking it and didn’t get it. That was the disappointment I had with the film and wished that didn’t force the horror genre into it as much as they did.

The acting was great, the set designs were beautiful as well as the cinematography. I enjoyed it and would watch again, come it has Loki and Jax, wants not to enjoy!

Marvel’s Captain Marvel Comic Review

Any superhero that quotes from Star Wars is an instant favorite in my book!

The second it was revealed that Marvel was going to be making a Captain Marvel movie, I knew I had to find out more on Carol Danvers. Knowing absolutely nothing about the female cap, I knew she was going to be important to the MCU so I had to suddenly change that.

First off SHE STRAIGHT UP QUOTED STAR WARS! I immediately became fictional best friends with her! She was witty, smart, and she could definitely hold her own. Carol/Captain Marvel makes it her mission to return a lost alien back to her home planet she finds herself in the middle of a battle.

Although it didn’t go into her past or how she got her powers it did show what kind of person she is and why she belongs in the Avengers. To add to an already entertaining comic we receive the presence of the Guardians of the Galaxy! To have the appear in the comic was just icing on the cake!

Overall Vol. 1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez was a great introduction to the character before the movie comes out, March 8th 2019. It made me want to know more about her and follow her story and I can not wait to see them bring her to life.


Star Wars : The Last Jedi REWIND Teaser Trailer

Who else watches trailers 100 times? No one? It can’t just be me! When re-watching trailers who tend to notice things you didn’t the first because you were so excited to see it the first time you miss a lot. Also because if a trailer is done right, why watch it until the actual movie comes out.

Trailers are meant to show what the tone will be and some what the base of the story is, THAT’S IT! The rest is for theories and questions and then the movie is released. When I did The Force Awakens rewind I had a lot of fun writing it so of course I have to do one for episode 8! Plus IT’S STAR WARS!!!

“breathe.”- Luke


Yesterday during the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando we finally get the long waited teaser for episode 8 The Last Jedi. IT. IS.AWESOME!!!!

The trailer starts with what you think are stars when it brights up and you see that it’s rocks and Rey comes on screen heavy breathing. My theory is that she was training with Luke and saw something that freaked her out. Perhaps the same way Luke freaked out Dagobah with Yoda. I picture Luke doing a lot if not all the things Yoda made him do to Rey. Saying “I’m the boss now so prepare to have you mind blown!”

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We knew Rey was going to be trained by Luke from the way episode 7 ended and it looks it might start off that way. We see the island from a distance and Rey standing over a water hole type cliff. We hear Luke saying, “breathe. Just breathe. Now reach out what do you see?”

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Rey replies with Light and we see Leia in the rebel base probably and then says darkness and we see a broken Kylo Ren helmet on the floor. What happen? Did the fight end with him dying? What? WHAT!?

There’s a scene that looks like its inside of a cave and suddenly there’s a book which leaves the question of what is it? Is it a how to Jedi first edition, looks pretty old.

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Then you see these speeders spraying red paint on the ground but after again re-watching it I notice there’s, what looks awful like AT-AT’s in the back ground. So my guess if their using the red smoke to blind whoever is operating the AT-AT’s.


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We see Finn is alive but unconscious still and inside a dome like coffin maybe he’s being transported else where. Considering the beating he had during his fight with Kylo Ren it’s no surprise he’s in for some R&R.

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Poe and BB-8 are running and it looks like where ever they are is now under attack and it’s pretty much confirmed when we see Poe looking at an x-wing getting blown up in front of him. The millennial falcon is shooting tie fighters.

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Kylo Ren is shown sporting the scar he received from Rey on his face holding up a lightsaber. Who is he fighting? Is it Rey? My guess is Luke because of his stare. This guy looks like he’s facing someone his hates and I just don’t see him hating Rey as much as he is told to. Rey is something to him and I can’t see him hating her even though she beat the shit out of him.

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There’s a temple being burnt down then stormtroopers along with Captain Phasma are walking out of the fire. This I think is a memory because it shows a cloak person, whom I’m assuming is Luke, besides R2-D2 and it looks like the vision Rey  had when she first touched Luke’s lightsaber in the Maz’s tavern.

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Then you hear Luke saying, “it’s time for the Jedi to end.” Which is no shock considering the title. But when I first saw it I thought yes this is how it’s going to start. We know Luke went into hiding because he felt responsible for the creation of Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo. He couldn’t face Leia and Han feeling he failed their only son and he turned to the dark side and killed his bestfriend. The way Luke looks and sounds was something I expected him to be when Rey first meets him. He’s a person with feelings and those are of guilt, and I would judge him if he didn’t feel reserved after everything that has happened. I definitely see Rey having to convince Luke into training her and beg him to come out of hiding.

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The Last Jedi is definitely going to be darker and heaver in the emotional aspects. I see the characters are going to be pushed to their limits and someone is going to die! NOT LUKE! It was revealed that Carrie Fisher will not be digitally added since she did pass away in December. Her role is bigger according to the people involved. I don’t know how her story will end or continue since there is one more movie left. They had a beautiful tribute during the celebration and her daughter honored her with a very heart felt speech. It will not be easy seeing her on the big screen, I can say that much.

The teaser shows us that it’s going to be darker ( saying that word too much but it’s true), emotionally challenging, hopefully answer some of our questions, like WHO THE HELL ARE REY’S PARENTS? WHY DID THEY ABANDONED HER? IS FINN LANDO’S KID? WHERE IS LANDO? HOW DID MAZ GET LUKE’S LIGHTSABER? WHERE IS MAZ? To name a few.

We get another Star Wars this December and it just can’t come fast enough! No surprise but I’m freakin excited, I’m eagerly awaiting for the official trailer to see more and maybe do a rewind on that one as well. I can’t wait for the movie! Now excuse me, I’m gonna go see the teaser about another 100 times!

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