Star Wars : The Last Jedi REWIND Teaser Trailer

Who else watches trailers 100 times? No one? It can’t just be me! When re-watching trailers who tend to notice things you didn’t the first because you were so excited to see it the first time you miss a lot. Also because if a trailer is done right, why watch it until the actual movie comes out.

Trailers are meant to show what the tone will be and some what the base of the story is, THAT’S IT! The rest is for theories and questions and then the movie is released. When I did The Force Awakens rewind I had a lot of fun writing it so of course I have to do one for episode 8! Plus IT’S STAR WARS!!!

“breathe.”- Luke


Yesterday during the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando we finally get the long waited teaser for episode 8 The Last Jedi. IT. IS.AWESOME!!!!

The trailer starts with what you think are stars when it brights up and you see that it’s rocks and Rey comes on screen heavy breathing. My theory is that she was training with Luke and saw something that freaked her out. Perhaps the same way Luke freaked out Dagobah with Yoda. I picture Luke doing a lot if not all the things Yoda made him do to Rey. Saying “I’m the boss now so prepare to have you mind blown!”

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We knew Rey was going to be trained by Luke from the way episode 7 ended and it looks it might start off that way. We see the island from a distance and Rey standing over a water hole type cliff. We hear Luke saying, “breathe. Just breathe. Now reach out what do you see?”

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Rey replies with Light and we see Leia in the rebel base probably and then says darkness and we see a broken Kylo Ren helmet on the floor. What happen? Did the fight end with him dying? What? WHAT!?

There’s a scene that looks like its inside of a cave and suddenly there’s a book which leaves the question of what is it? Is it a how to Jedi first edition, looks pretty old.

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Then you see these speeders spraying red paint on the ground but after again re-watching it I notice there’s, what looks awful like AT-AT’s in the back ground. So my guess if their using the red smoke to blind whoever is operating the AT-AT’s.


Image result for the last jedi teaser

We see Finn is alive but unconscious still and inside a dome like coffin maybe he’s being transported else where. Considering the beating he had during his fight with Kylo Ren it’s no surprise he’s in for some R&R.

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Poe and BB-8 are running and it looks like where ever they are is now under attack and it’s pretty much confirmed when we see Poe looking at an x-wing getting blown up in front of him. The millennial falcon is shooting tie fighters.

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Kylo Ren is shown sporting the scar he received from Rey on his face holding up a lightsaber. Who is he fighting? Is it Rey? My guess is Luke because of his stare. This guy looks like he’s facing someone his hates and I just don’t see him hating Rey as much as he is told to. Rey is something to him and I can’t see him hating her even though she beat the shit out of him.

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There’s a temple being burnt down then stormtroopers along with Captain Phasma are walking out of the fire. This I think is a memory because it shows a cloak person, whom I’m assuming is Luke, besides R2-D2 and it looks like the vision Rey  had when she first touched Luke’s lightsaber in the Maz’s tavern.

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Then you hear Luke saying, “it’s time for the Jedi to end.” Which is no shock considering the title. But when I first saw it I thought yes this is how it’s going to start. We know Luke went into hiding because he felt responsible for the creation of Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo. He couldn’t face Leia and Han feeling he failed their only son and he turned to the dark side and killed his bestfriend. The way Luke looks and sounds was something I expected him to be when Rey first meets him. He’s a person with feelings and those are of guilt, and I would judge him if he didn’t feel reserved after everything that has happened. I definitely see Rey having to convince Luke into training her and beg him to come out of hiding.

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The Last Jedi is definitely going to be darker and heaver in the emotional aspects. I see the characters are going to be pushed to their limits and someone is going to die! NOT LUKE! It was revealed that Carrie Fisher will not be digitally added since she did pass away in December. Her role is bigger according to the people involved. I don’t know how her story will end or continue since there is one more movie left. They had a beautiful tribute during the celebration and her daughter honored her with a very heart felt speech. It will not be easy seeing her on the big screen, I can say that much.

The teaser shows us that it’s going to be darker ( saying that word too much but it’s true), emotionally challenging, hopefully answer some of our questions, like WHO THE HELL ARE REY’S PARENTS? WHY DID THEY ABANDONED HER? IS FINN LANDO’S KID? WHERE IS LANDO? HOW DID MAZ GET LUKE’S LIGHTSABER? WHERE IS MAZ? To name a few.

We get another Star Wars this December and it just can’t come fast enough! No surprise but I’m freakin excited, I’m eagerly awaiting for the official trailer to see more and maybe do a rewind on that one as well. I can’t wait for the movie! Now excuse me, I’m gonna go see the teaser about another 100 times!

Image result for the last jedi teaser


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