A Wrinkle in Time Book Review

Time, space and trying to find your father that’s mixed in between. 

Image result for a wrinkle in time

Meg, her highly intelligent little brother Charles Wallace and new friend Calvin are taken on an adventure to find and save Meg and Charles Wallace’s lost father. They were told he was working for the government, considering he is scientist, but has been missing for years. Meg and her brother are the outsiders of town for they way they talk and see things and tend to keep to themselves. When a strange woman of the name Mrs. Whatsit arrives unexpectedly things begin to happen. Calvin arrives and tells them he felt something pulling towards them. Their suddenly taken off to a different universe where they learn that not only do they have to save their father but defeat something much greater.

The characters were great, especially Charles Wallace! I enjoyed the conversations each of them had with each other. With their advance thinking it made it all the more interesting. Although these kids are super smart they were still kids, afraid and asked about a millions questions a minute and that made it realistic.

The first half was very entertaining then I found it less and less compelling. As the story continue however it began to pick up and found it intriguing again. It’s a story about friendship, light and dark and the power that Love has. It’s a definite story to tell to kids and I can see why it’s a beloved classic.


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