Now You See Me Movie Review

Who remembers watching that guy with the creepy mask show how magic tricks are done back in the late 90’s? Now You See Me is Magician’s Code but featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrison and Dave Franco and minus the creepy mask which is an added bonus!

Granted this movie was released in 2013 and I am just now watching, DON’T SAY IT! I shouldn’t say “spoiler warning.” But because I’m not a total dick, this review will have spoilers.

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Four people who are extremely talented magicians, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrison and Dave Franco are brought together by a mysterious person. After a year of meeting they have a successful show in Las Vegas. In their show they pull of a heist…in front of an audience without ever leaving the room. After they rob a bank, as the act of their show, they are arrested.

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Mark Ruffalo plays the detective that wants nothing more than to have the 4, who are known as The Four Horseman, behind bars. Mark Ruffalo’s character was one that we all are when watching a magic, and if you say you’ve never tried to figure out how a trick was made you are lying to yourself Janice!

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But everything every turn the group is about five steps ahead and Mark’s trying to find the logical explanation get’s angrier and desperate a times. The entire time I was trying to figure who was really pulling the Four Horseman strings. Who brought them together? When a new detective from FBI arrives and begins to work on the case with Mark and begins to drop hints of magic tricks and leaving things unsolved, I would have bet money on her. Goes to show what the movie brilliantly illustrated, “you focus on the magician and not the assistant.”

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Morgan Freeman plays a man who knows all the tricks and reveals then to Mark’s character after the group managed to pull of a grand scheme. He’s the guy that says, “oh you’re intrigued, well you’re an idiot because the box was never really cut and the chick inside it had a trapped door underneath it.” I really liked him! You didn’t know if he was playing a bad guy or just a guy that didn’t believe in magic because he knew all the do’s and don’ts.

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The magic sequences were extremely entertaining and kept you invested. Even though you know, magic trick or not, that would never happen it still left me with the “holy crap that was awesome!” What I didn’t see coming was the Mark’s character was actually responsible for bring the main characters together. Although I enjoy the unpredictability, it didn’t make sense and what the who “eye” thing was. I had a great time watching this movie! It had cool illusions, the chemistry between the cast was great, the action was none stop and it had humor. Now You See Me had been on my watch list since it came out and now I can watch part 2 without waiting a year or two for it. I still have to wait for part 3 but let’s not be a negative human!

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