Now You See Me 2 Movie Review

In most cases when they add a new character in a sequel to replace an original it tends to suck ass…this is a rare case! 

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After a hiatus Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) is tired of waiting for The Eye to finally giving them the green light to come out of hiding. Dylan (Mark Ruffalo) who plays the leader of the group returns with a new member, Lula (Lizzy Caplan). It is revealed that Henley (Isla Fisher) wanted an out and The Eye delivered. Real life Isla Fisher was pregnant and didn’t want to continue the franchise afterwards.

It’s always risky when there recast, while that’s a different actor playing the same character or a new actor trying to fill in the void of the missing character. It couldn’t go horribly wrong or it might just work. In this case it worked! Lizzy Caplan brought much more comedy that you would think Woody Harrison would bring. Although Woody brings some comedy relief, it was Lizzy Caplan that ended up carry the torch.

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Of course there’s a new bad guy and it’s non-other Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel’s character kidnaps The Horsemen and hires them to steal a software that would allow him to hack into any device. Having no other choice The Horseman agree to steal it if it grants them freedom after. Really guys?!

Daniel Radcliffe played a good villain! I was worried that I won’t be able to see him as a different character than Harry Potter but I was relieved that that wasn’t the case.

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One thing I didn’t like about the movie was Woody Harrison’s “twin brother” who is played by Woody himself. It felt weird and just off and frankly wan’t necessary.

I have to talk about the coolest scene in the entire movie! While trying to steal the software they end up in a secure facility and use a card to disguise it and pass it to each other and making sure the guards don’t see it. The scene wan’t just great because of the effects but how each of the characters interacted with each other and they weren’t even talking. Woody, Jessie and Dave have already shown how great they are in the magic department in the previous movie. This scene was an audition within the movie with Lizzy Caplan’s character and how she worked along side the boys when they had to perform a trick. She killed and made the scene even more impressive!

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Dylan still struggles with being the leader of The Horsemen but without the actual title. The movie had a lot to do with proving yourself worthy of The Eye’s attention and it fell on Dylan and Atlas the most. Which causes they to drift apart.

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I enjoyed the sequel but didn’t surpass the first. Although they manage to not screw up a recast and it contained some pretty bitchin scenes, Now You See Me 2 just didn’t feel as captivating as the first. However, it’s a movie I enjoyed watching and would watch again. It was great seeing the old characters back, a new character that brought something new to the table, cool magic tricks, and Daniel Radcliffe as a villain. Overall the sequel didn’t hold up as the first but it didn’t fall short on a guilt pleasure movie.

Now You See Me 3 is rumored to be released in 2017/18 with a most likely return of the main cast.

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