Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review

James Bond meets Men in Black…minus the aliens but for most that a major plus!

With the sequel set to come out in September of this year and the trailer showing come kick assery scenes, I knew I had to make Kingsman top movie to catch up on.

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Harry’s (Colin Firth) partner and friend died to save him and years pass he ends up recruiting him. Gary “Eggsy” (Taron Egerton) has had a tough childhood and when Harry shows up talking about his deceased father and an organization he finds himself with a new goal, become a Kingsman aka a spy. You can’t have an action, spy movie without fight scenes and that worried me because of Colin Firth. Colin Firth is a well known actor and I have seen hi in a few movies, but a movie were he has to physically fight I had yet to see. Of course he is older and I was worried that because of that the fight sequences it was either going to look like a stunt double or look too CGI.

NEVER JUDGE SOME BECAUSE OF THEIR AGE! A lesson I learned from this movie! Colin Firth is a beast! The second the movie was over I had to learn how much of it was exactly him and learned that he did 80% of his own stunt and trained for six months. I can’t even make it a week. What I loved about his character or what the Kingsman represent, is that they’re not only well dressed with proper etiquette but they could kill you with an umbrella.

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Eggsy agrees to audition for the Kingsman position, while Harry learns that a new threat has emerged. Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) has created a chip that once activated turned people into killing each other. Samuel L. Jackson can play a pretty good villain but they gave him lisp which didn’t really make any sense to me. Granted it didn’t make the movie unwatchable but I do wish they would have kept his regular voice.

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I found the training for the Kingman really interesting. You have a group of young people eager to join this organization but then you have Eggsy who questions everything and uses his life experiences to try and win the slot. There were moments where you think “maybe being a kingsman isn’t being on the right side” and I loved seeing that.

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PEOPLE DIE! In an action movie there’s going to be killing and a bit of blood, but I was not expecting the violence in this movie and it was awesome! You have Sophia Boutella who plays Gazelle, right hand man of Valentine, has these bionic legs knifes attached manages to cut a man in half and Colin Firth shooting people in the face, you see why this movie is rated-r while watching the movie.

I have to talk about Taron Egerton because…look at the guy! He did a really good job in playing the troublemaker as well as a kick ass spy, which isn’t easy to accomplish. I have never seen him in anything else but after watching I have a feeling, and hope to baby Jesus, that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service was awesome! It surprised me in the best possible way. I have never been a fan of James Bond and granted it never seen one, but if they’re anything like Kingman then you have gain a new watcher! Great story, awesome cast, action sequence were crazy good and overall I had a blast watching and can not wait for the sequel.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle 9/22/2017