DC’s Aquaman Vol.1 Comic Review

Had to brush up on DC heroes before Justice League comes out.

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The only thing I know about Aquaman is that he’s the king of the sea and he’s part of Justice League…yup that’s pretty much sums it up. Aquaman was a character I didn’t really find interesting. However, it’s nothing a good o’l movie trailer to change your perception. The second I saw Jason Momoa in the trailer for Justice League I was intrigued, and that’s just from a few seconds he’s actually shown.

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I wanted to know his backstory but I also wanted to actually like the guy. So after a little research, I found the best comic to start was Geoff Johns’s take on the king of Atlantis.

Arthur “Aquaman” came from a human father and Atlantean mother. Aquaman decided to live on land with Mera, a full on Atlantean who can manipulate water. A dangerous creature from deep in the sea has emerged and attacks on land. It was interesting reading how people treated him because I was doing the same that was why I never read his story. A guy who has a trident and can communicate with the sea…Batman has the Batmobile, The Flash is the fastest man alive and wonder woman has the lasso of truth (she’s another character I’ve just grown to like). The more I read the more I liked Aquaman. Granted I’m not a full on fan, I just read volume 1 so I have some more reading left, but the dude’s a kick ass character. Here a guy who has the title of King of the sea, a place we’ve only covered 5% of, but wants nothing more than to live on a lighthouse protecting the humans from danger. Dude has heart! Oh and he can’t kick your ass so hard with all water and fish talk!

Geoff Johns’s Aquaman is a great intro for people like me who are just discovering who he is. It made me want to know more and I ended up liking him, which is exactly what I was looking for when I picked up the comic. Now I need Wonder Woman and Cyborg.